What Are Things to Consider While Buying Used iPhones? 

The iPhone is arguably one of the most desirable smartphones. If you’re on a tight budget, purchasing a used device can save a lot of money. After all, a brand-new iPhone can be costly, and Apple rarely offers discounts on new models.

However, there are some risks to purchasing a used iPhone. Continue reading to learn about the ten things you should look for before purchasing a used iPhone.

  1. Is Buying Used iPhones Safe?

Purchasing a used iPhone is not without risk. However, with specific checks, you can significantly reduce the risk. It is also critical to purchase a used iPhone from a reputable source. Consider reaching out to family and friends before searching online. Inquire whether they are selling their iPhones.

When purchasing an iPhone from a stranger, arrange to meet in a public place with Wi-Fi. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Follow the advice in this article to have a stress-free shopping experience. The best places to buy a used iPhone are from family and friends. You can also look for local independent Apple resellers or credible websites like Phone Daddy.

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  1. Which Model of Used iPhone Should You Buy?

Are you unsure about which used iPhone to purchase? Newer used iPhones are less dangerous. Relatively new iPhones make a lot of sense if you want trouble-free ownership. A used iPhone with a warranty is the cherry on top. iPhones can last for up to 6-7 years if properly maintained.

You can choose a used iPhone based on price and features. The most recent iPhones are more expensive. We would avoid purchasing a device that has been used for four years or more.

  1. Using The Serial Number and Look Up Warranty Information

Apple allows you to check warranty information, service, and support coverage. Go to this website and enter the serial number of the used iPhone. If the used iPhone is still under warranty, Repairs and Service Coverage will be activated. You can also view the estimated expiration date and schedule a repair as needed.

The valid purchase date confirms that the website activated the iPhone. In addition, Apple stores the purchase or activation date in its database.

  1. Identify Prior Ownership

Establish the previous owner to make sure the iPhone is not stolen. Request the original purchase receipt from the seller. Make sure the receipt is authentic. Additionally, you can request the seller’s ID and keep a copy of it for your records.

Let’s say the seller declines to provide any of the paperwork. It ought to raise red flags. Finally, use PayPal or a credit card to pay for the used iPhone. In this manner, a record of the transaction is created. You can request a refund from the bank if something goes wrong.

  1. How To Check Your Used iPhone Is Not Stolen

Purchasing a stolen iPhone could get you into serious trouble. Making sure the device is not stolen is worth the time and effort. I advise using a tool to check for stolen phones. Check to see if the iPhone is marked as stolen by entering your IMEI. Fortunately, the tool allows you to perform five free queries each day.

Next, ensure that iCloud lock and Find My iPhone is not enabled. Request that the seller turns it off. If the seller doesn’t remove the Find My or iCloud activation lock, walk away.

  1. Check To See If The iCloud Activation Lock Is Off

People can safeguard their iPhones with the aid of an iCloud activation lock. You won’t be able to operate the device once the lock has been turned on. Checking the activation lock is crucial before purchasing a used iPhone.

The following is how to check:

  • Access the iPhone settings.
  • Select About.
  • Up-swipe the IMEI number and write it down.
  • You can also call *#06#.
  • On your Mac or Windows computer, launch iCloud.
  • Enter the IMEI number.
  • Fill out the verification code.
  • Choose Continue.
  • Buy the iPhone elsewhere if the IMEI is locked.

Before purchasing, ask the previous owner to turn off the iCloud lock. Only after the seller removes the activation lock should you check the status.

  1. Conduct a Hardware Test

Hardware problems are frequently costly to repair. A visual inspection is also ineffective for detecting hardware issues. I would contact Apple support and request that they run diagnostics remotely. Following a hardware test, you can decide whether to purchase the used iPhone.

Alternatively, you can run a diagnostic using a third-party app such as TestM.

  1. Examine Your iPhone For Water Damage

Liquid Contact Indicators are standard on most iPhones sold after 2006. Usually, the LCI would only activate when it met water or other liquids. It is not affected by changes in humidity or temperature. You can use an indicator to determine whether the used iPhone has water damage.

To check for water damage, Apple recommends using a magnifying glass. Hold your device at an angle and open the SIM tray. The incident light illuminates the LCI strip. A red stripe indicates that there has been liquid damage. Avoid using liquid-damaged iPhones.

  1. Examine iPhone Parts and Service History

Genuine Apple parts are relatively expensive and difficult to obtain. Some iPhone owners may unknowingly have their devices repaired using counterfeit or non-OEM parts. Such parts fail quickly and may cause problems.

With iOS 15, Apple added a new Parts and Service History feature. This allows you to view your iPhone’s service history. It also shows whether repair shops used genuine parts.

  1. Is It Better To Buy a Refurbished Or Used iPhone?

Purchasing a used iPhone is not for everyone. For some, the disadvantages of purchasing a used iPhone may outweigh the advantages. In such cases, you should consider buying a refurbished iPhone from a reputable seller. You will have peace of mind thanks to the warranty and service support. 


We hope that this guide has improved the clarity of your purchase decision. Before making the final purchase of a used iPhone, make sure to carry out all these checks and a pre-inspection. Additionally, try to find credible locations like Phone Daddy to buy used phones, for example, a used iPhone XS


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