Is Refurbished iPhone 14 Worth the Investment? A Comprehensive Guide

Yes, iPhones are great, and it is no secret that they are super expensive too. They are especially very expensive when you compare their price to alternative android phones that you can obtain instead. However, Android phones as time passes their performance degrades even though initially, they are uninterrupted and perform smoothly. This is usually the case for most of the android phones regardless of the model. With iPhone, on the other hand, the older models keep running smoothly for a long time since they are made using expensive and top-tier parts which makes them super-fast and efficient.  When you compare the older iPhone models to older Android phones you can see the noticeable difference between them. That is one of the reasons why iPhones are more costly than Android phones. Additionally, iPhones also have higher security levels compared to Android models. For example, someone with iPhone 8 has the updated iOS 16 and has access to security features just like the iPhone 14 series have.

Talking about the iPhone 14, iPhone is released annually, and this year’s is as expensive as any other iPhone that is just released. Although it is not reasonable to upgrade to a new iPhone every year, if you have got an older iPhone model, then considering iPhone 14 is reasonable. While the brand-new iPhone 14 might come a bit costly, considering the refurbished models is also not a bad idea. Let’s explore if the refurbished iPhone 14 is worth the investment.  

Shortly to answer the question, yes, it is worth the investment. When you go to an Apple store for replacement of your damaged device, you are given a refurbished iPhone. You literally cannot tell the difference between the new iPhone and the refurbished one. Just like the new device, the refurbished products go through the same testing process. Apple replaces any damaged parts of the phone and repairs any defects found to make sure the phone performs perfectly like the brand-new one. The difference is they are just offered at a discounted price. There are only more advantages to buying a refurbished iPhone 14 and absolutely no downsides.

The iPhone 14 series come with a more affordable flagship models like the iPhone 14 and 14 plus that come at much lower price compared to the flagship iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max series. This iPhone comes with a durable Ceramic Shield front cover that protects its display from bumps and drops. Also, all of the iPhone 14 models are IP68 water resistant which allows them to withstand a depth of 6 meters for up to 30 minutes. Just like the iPhone 13 Pro models the iPhone 14 models have the A15 bionic chip. However, the iPhone 14 series come with some updated internal design that allows for better thermal performance. It also has improved camera lenses with improved performance in low light. iPhone 14 is a great flagship device if you want to invest in one. If you are thinking about purchasing a new iPhone 14 stop for a while and think. Maybe investing in a refurbished iPhone 14 is a more reasonable option to think of.

Based on their condition the refurbished phones are usually given a grade which can help you to understand what you are paying for. Most of the retailers grade the refurbished devices from grade A-D which is the universal standard for grading.

Grade A

A grade A iPhone 14 will be in excellent condition and is close to a brand-new device. These devices are usually the ones that the customers have returned within the 30 days of purchase. In this case, even if you are saving yourself hundreds of dollars, you are still getting a smartphone that is close to a brand-new phone. It might have some faint scratches, but they are usually barely visible to the human eye.

Grade B

Getting a refurbished iPhone 14 means it will be in good condition but is more likely to have marks and scratches that are visible to the eye. Unlike the Grade A smartphones, it might have signs of previous use, however, you should not worry about the handset’s functionality. The functionality of the device is usually the same as a grade A device.

Grade C

With a grade C smartphone, you can expect a smartphone that can show heavy signs of previous use but with fully functionality. The heavy signs of previous use can be noticeable scratches effect the handset’s display and exterior. However, these are cosmetics marks that do not have anything to do with the functionality of the device.

Grade D

Any device that falls into this category have usually been well used. They are usually flawed beyond repair cosmetically. They are usually sold for their certain parts only. Thankfully, most of the networks sell only A-grade smartphones.

Since iPhone 14 was released just this year, you should be sure that most of the refurbished iPhones from this series will be available at Grade A or Grade B. This means any refurbished iPhone 14 you obtain is most likely to have an excellent or good condition. Therefore, no doubt that a refurbished iPhone 14 is an excellent choice, if you want to have the latest iPhone at a much lower price. 


Refurbished iPhone 14 vs. New: Which One Should You Choose             

Are you a loyal Apple customer and follow their latest products? The new iPhone 14 series was released, and you are thinking of obtaining one? So, do you know why it is smarter to buy a refurbished iPhone rather than a new one? Let’s discuss the reasons why it is smarter to get a refurbished latest iPhone than invest in a brand new one.

The iPhone 14 is one of the Apple’s “affordable” flagship iPhone that comes at a much lower price compared to the premium iPhone 14 pro series. This iPhone comes with a durable Ceramic Shield front cover that protects its display from bumps and drops. Also, all of the iPhone 14 models are IP68 water resistant which allows them to withstand a depth of 6 meters for up to 30 minutes. Just like the iPhone 13 Pro models the iPhone 12 models have the A15 bionic chip. But the iPhone 14 series also have some updated internal design that allows for better thermal performance. It also has improved camera lenses with improved performance in low light. iPhone 14 is a great flagship device if you want to invest in one. If you are thinking about purchasing a new iPhone 14 stop for a while and think. Maybe you can consider a refurbished iPhone 14 instead of a brand new one?

Apple has always offered its loyal customers phones with some of the best qualities in the market. Each of the iPhones from the four models in 14 series has unique identity. If your new iPhone breaks and you go for replacement, Apple will give you a refurbished device instead. A refurbished device and you will not be able to tell the difference between the new and refurb in this case. Just like the new device, the refurbished products go through the same testing process. Any defect found is repaired and the damaged parts are also replaced. These devices function perfectly just like the new products, they are just offered at a discounted price due to their refurb tag. If you have been thinking of buying a refurbished iPhone 14, there is no downside to your choice, but more advantages to it.

The refurbished iPhone 14 offers more security than the regular one including a warranty in case something goes wrong. The refurbished iPhone 14s are almost as cheap as the second-hand iPhone 14s. The great thing about it is you will save money and still receive the same high quality. Not talking about the environmental benefits that buying a used Phone can have. By getting a refurbished device, you are also helping to reduce your carbon footprint and the amount of electronic waste that can circulate in the environment. Manufacturing each phone uses numerous raw materials that emit significant quantities of carbon dioxide which contributes to global warming. In fact, as much as 85–95% of carbon emissions caused by mobile phones are produced during their production. By purchasing a refurbished iPhone 14, you are contributing to the responsible recycling of existing resources and environmentally sustainable consumption.

It’s a common misconception that refurbished mobile phones have shorter lifespans than new ones. Well, most of the times it depends on how the phone was refurbished. A great example of a refurbished phone with a surprising lifespan is iPhone 6s. Even though the phone was released in 2015, it is still widely popular. Therefore, you can be sure that the refurbished iPhone 14 will work according to Apple’s standards.

When shopping refurbished, you will receive a device that has been thoroughly inspected and cleaned. They come genuine Apple replacement parts such as new battery and outer shell. The refurbished devices also have all the necessary accessories and cables. Also, when buying a refurbished Apple device, you can also have the option of getting additional coverage by purchasing AppleCare products.

It is no secret that buying a refurbished iPhone is a lot cheaper than investing in a brand new one. We are not talking about small savings here. Purchasing a refurbished iPhone can save you hundreds of dollars, especially if the refurbished devices are on sale. Usually, the older te iPhone model is the more likely you will save more money. However, the iPhones from the last couple of years can be obtained at an incredibly low price too.

Whether you decide to go for a brand new iPhone 14 or a refurbished option at the end depends on you. However, with refurbished one, you will not lose anything but save some hundred dollars. Think again why it is a good idea to invest in a refurbished device. Check out Phone Daddy’s website for refurbished iPhone 14 phones at a decent price. They come with one year warranty and you are guaranteed to not regret your decision for sure.

Best Refurbished iPhone Deals and Sales for December 2022 

Are you looking for discounts on refurbished iPhones? When you consider refurbished iPhone deals, purchasing the best iPhone can be cheap. These phones still come with excellent warranties and provide you with the same level of service as if you had purchased one outright. Even better, they are much less expensive than new ones. Buying a refurbished iPhone is a great way to save money, so we’ve selected some highlights so you can get big savings without turning to traditional iPhone deals. Here are some of the top refurbished iPhone offers found. With the recent release of the iPhone 14, the market for previously owned iPhones that have been refurbished will expand significantly and offer even better discounts.

Best Refurbished iPhone Deals 

  • iPhone XR (64GB, Unlocked)– $279, was $749
  • iPhone 11 (64GB, Unlocked) — $315, was $699
  • iPhone 12 (64GB, Unlocked) — $439, was $799
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max (64GB, Unlocked) — $484, was $1,099
  • iPhone 12 Pro (128GB, Unlocked) — $694, was $899

iPhone XR 

Despite being an older model, the refurbished iPhone XR is still a fantastic choice for those on a tight budget. This is due to Apple’s industry-leading ability to support its hardware with the newest iOS updates. That is unquestionably the case, where the iPhone XR is still a fantastic choice. It has many color options and an enduring Apple iPhone design that always looks good. It looks positively playful. Because the phone’s edges are made of aluminum, it feels good in your hands and gives the color scheme a two-tone appearance. The iPhone XR looks good no matter what you’re doing, thanks to its sizable 6.1-inch LCD with Liquid Retina capabilities.

iPhone 11

It’s still a pretty good phone, but the iPhone 11 was once hailed as the device for everyone. It may have slightly thicker bezels than more recent phones, making it slightly more durable. Its 6.1-inch display is the perfect size to ensure that you can see a lot of what is happening without having to use both hands to look at it. Thanks to smart features from Apple, it can adjust to your lighting situation, so it’s always bright and exciting. Along with that, there is an outstanding camera system that keeps shining. Its 120-degree ultra-wide-angle lens allows you to capture more of the scene you photograph.

Like the iPhone 11 Pro, it has a 12-megapixel sensor with an f/1.8 aperture as its primary lens. In low light, autofocus is quicker than in earlier models, and smart HDR gives you more balanced photos in high-contrast lighting. Semantic rendering enables it to take multiple underexposed pictures before you press the shutter, combining them with an overexposed picture to create the best possible image. It has a capable Night Mode, Portrait mode, and a 12MP selfie camera.

iPhone 12 

The refurbished iPhone 12 isn’t the most recent, but it’s good enough that you only need to consider the iPhone 13 if you have the most up-to-date technology. The phone is made of aluminum and has a matte metallic finish. It looks great with a glass back, making it quite eye-catching. It’s also lightweight, so it feels great in your hands. A 6.1-inch OLED display has smaller bezels on all sides, making it look as good as it feels. That OLED display is also handy. It always appears crisp and bright, with excellent viewing angles and minimal color shifts. Outdoor visibility is just as good as indoor visibility.

iPhone 11 Pro Max 

The iPhone 11 Pro Max was a premium option when it first launched, so it is still a potent gadget. It offers everything you could want and more and was once regarded as the best smartphone available. Despite its size, you’ll quickly get used to it because it feels comfortable in your hand. You’ll love the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s stainless-steel construction immediately. It has a much higher quality feel and is much more durable than other iPhones. The front and back are covered in “durable” glass, with the back having a matte texture to reduce the risk of unsightly fingerprints while maintaining a stylish appearance. The 6.5-inch display of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is enclosed in that exquisite design.

iPhone 12 Pro

The refurbished iPhone 12 Pro is still a fantastic option for anyone looking for a high-end iPhone. The upgraded stainless-steel frame, which is heavier than earlier models but ensures it is much more stylish and durable, gives it a great look. It still has a gorgeous flat glass back with an etched matte texture. When you first see the iPhone 12 Pro, you can tell you’re onto a good thing because it’s both attractive and easy to hold. The situation only gets better from there. Its 6.1-inch OLED display has a respectable 460 pixels per inch. The user always receives accurate readings and beautiful colors thanks to its well-calibrated display.

True Tone ensures it functions just as well outdoors as it does inside. In addition, the display has smaller bezels in all sizes, giving the impression that it is smaller even though it is not. 

The phone may only have a 60Hz refresh rate compared to newer models, but iOS runs so smoothly that this is not a disadvantage. This is made possible by the A14 Bionic chip in the iPhone 12 Pro, which guarantees that performance is lightning-fast whether you’re multitasking, editing photos, or playing games. After all, Apple consistently knows how to maximize iOS on all phones. Additionally, 5G support is provided, so if you live in a location that has 5G, you’re in luck with fast speeds.


The best iPhone can be cheap when considering refurbished deals. The warranties on these phones are still outstanding, offering you the same level of service as if you had bought one outright. Even better, they cost a lot less than new phones. A great way to save money is to purchase a refurbished iPhone. The list of refurbished iPhone deals mentioned in this article might help you to choose your device. 

Should I Buy a Manufacturer Refurbished Phone?

A used phone that has been returned and fixed up so it can be sold again is known as a refurbished phone.

Not every phone sold as “refurbished” had a problem. Refurbished phones are referred to as handsets returned by customers who changed their minds about them after signing up for a contract during the 30-day cooling-off period by some networks and retailers.

All refurbished phones have undergone a thorough inspection and testing before going on sale to guarantee they are in excellent condition.

The seller typically performs tests, such as determining whether the battery charges and examining the functionality of the buttons and cameras. The seller will also check the phone’s Wi-Fi, 4G, and 5G connections, if it is 5G compatible, and the audio and screen responsiveness.

The seller will securely wipe all data from the phone using the Data Protection Act. You will be starting over as a result.

Some vendors of refurbished phones upgraded the phone’s operating system to the most recent version.

How good are refurbished phones? 

Manufacturer-refurbished phones are typically just as good as new ones because they have undergone extensive testing and have been given a complete restoration. The original packaging and all the standard accessories, like chargers and headphones, may not be included with a refurbished phone. On the plus side, it ought to have a one-year warranty; however, double-check before you purchase one.

Pros and Cons of Refurbished Phone 

What you need to know to make a decision is as follows:

  • If you don’t care whether you have the newest smartphone, you can save a lot of money with some brands and retailers.
  • When you purchase from a well-known or large network retailer, you will receive a warranty typically valid for 12 months.
  • Additionally, a charging cable or charger will be included.
  • It’s still determining if you’ll get any of the extras initially packaged with the phone, like the headphones.
  • Most likely, the original packaging will not be provided. Refurbished phones typically come in unbranded boxes or packaging with the network’s logo. Therefore, you won’t quite experience the joy of opening a brand-new phone. However, if the deal allows you to save money, you might be okay with it.

How much cheaper are refurbished phones?

Buying a refurbished phone rather than a new one can save you hundreds of pounds, especially on slightly older models. You can find a refurbished smartphone if you’re looking to purchase the most recent model, but you’ll save much more money if you choose a model from the previous year or the year before.

Which is preferable, a used or refurbished phone?

You can be confident that a phone has been tested, cleaned, wiped, and is covered by a warranty if it is labeled as “refurbished” and you are purchasing it from a network, an established retailer, or a trader on an auction website. As a result, you are at peace in all respects.

You’ll need to exercise more caution because the term “used” is more difficult to define. On auction websites, it’s frequently used by private sellers and can indicate anything from a few dings to being battered by repeated drops. However, if you buy used phones from a reliable location, it is worth purchasing. 

What considerations should I make when purchasing a refurbished phone?

When purchasing a refurbished phone, the warranty is the most crucial aspect to look for. That way, if it has any flaws, you can return it.

In addition, you should look up the grade to confirm that you understand what you are receiving. A grade-A phone should be in perfect working condition and have a brand-new appearance. If you choose a grade B or C, it might have a blemish or two but still, function correctly. Grade D phones should be avoided unless you can fix them yourself.

Is purchasing a refurbished phone safe?

It’s completely safe to purchase a refurbished phone as long as you’re doing so from a reputable merchant. Most refurbished phones come with warranties, so you should be covered if something goes wrong. However, confirming whether a warranty covers the product before purchasing is best.

We only recommend the highest grade of refurbished phones that have all passed the same quality checks as brand-new devices here at Phone Daddy. Check out our best-refurbished phone deals.

Is there a warranty on refurbished phones?

Warranties on refurbished phones vary depending on where you purchase them. For example, if you buy from a trader on eBay or Amazon, they typically offer a 12-month guarantee.

If you buy from an individual or private seller rather than a trader, the refund process is more complicated and may be dependent on the phone’s written description on the listing. 

Are the batteries in refurbished phones new?

Before a refurbished phone is resold, the battery will have been rigorously tested to ensure it is fully functional. This could indicate that the battery has been replaced in some cases. However, most of the time, the original battery will be restored to its original condition. In any case, please ensure to check the battery health of a refurbished phone before purchasing it. Learn tips on how to check the battery health of a used phone to be able to examine your phone before buying. 

Are refurbished phones a good investment?

Yes, the good news is that refurbished phones are not only significantly less expensive than new handsets, but they are also more environmentally friendly. This is because a returned phone is being given new life. It’s also much better for the environment to resell an old phone rather than buy a new one.


As was mentioned in this article, before being sold, all refurbished phones are thoroughly inspected and tested to ensure they are in excellent condition. Manufacturer-refurbished phones are usually just as good as new ones because they have been thoroughly tested and fully restored. Therefore, purchasing a refurbished phone is entirely safe if you do so from a reputable retailer. 

Which Website Is Best for Buying a Refurbished iPhone Online?

As more suppliers and retailers sell refurbished tech products, the market for refurbished phones is expanding. Each has unique costs, guarantees, product offerings, and testing procedures. It’s best to shop around when purchasing refurbished phones to get the best deal.

Refurbished phones can now be purchased in a huge variety of locations. The problem is that so many options are available that you might feel paralyzed by them. Or, you might need to find out where to look or which stores have the best offers on refurbished phones.

Finding a place to purchase refurbished phones can be difficult when you’ve already researched them. So, to make your decision-making process much simpler, we’ve reviewed five stores where you can buy refurbished phones, comparing and contrasting them based on the testing procedure, warranty, and pricing they undergo. 

Apple Certified Refurbished Store 

One of the most reputable brands in the refurbished phone market is Apple, the company that created the iPhone. It makes sense why so many people would want to purchase a refurbished iPhone from the company that initially created the device.

Process for testing: Apple uses its own testing, certification, and repair services to refurbish its iPhones as part of the Apple Certified Refurbished Program. They will also be packaged with an Apple logo, a fresh battery, and a shell.

Warranty and shipping: The excellent warranty offered with the products sold in Apple’s refurbished store is one of the major draws. A 14-day return policy is also included, along with Apple’s one-year limited warranty (you can also choose to extend the warranty with AppleCare for a fee). Additionally, Apple offers free next-day shipping on all refurbished items.

Amazon Renewed 

Amazon has long sold refurbished phones but recently stepped up its efforts in response to the market’s rapid expansion. It’s understandable why so many people purchase their smartphones from Amazon since many of us already shop there (according to Statista, Amazon has more than 300 million active customers).

Amazon’s used phones have undergone testing, and as a result, they function and appear brand new. The exceptions are noted on the product page. They will arrive packaged in a generic box and frequently include the accessories you anticipate with a new handset version.

Warranty and Shipping: Amazon’s return policy and warranty policies are typically very good for other products; this is also true for its section of refurbished phones. The Amazon Renewed Guarantee provides a year’s worth of support for Amazon Renewed products, which are examined, tested, and made to function and appear like brand-new models. The majority of items qualify for Prime shipping.

Mac of All Trades 

Refrain from letting the name deceive you; Mac of All Trades sells more than refurbished MacBooks and iMacs. This store is considered one of the top locations to purchase used phones. Having been in operation for more than 20 years, it is one of the most reputable brands in the market, right next to Apple.

Testing: This retailer takes pride in its thorough testing procedure, which includes thorough hardware diagnostic testing, prompt replacement of a defective component, and careful inspection for cosmetic damage. Additionally, they have a rating system with the grades Fair, Good, and Excellent. The business also cleans the equipment with environmentally and electronically safe products. Finally, the testing procedure is carried out by Apple Certified Technicians.

Refurbished phones come with a one-year warranty and free shipping. On the date of delivery for Mac of All Trade, its standard warranty starts. They will try to fix any hardware problems that arise during this time or provide you with an exact replacement (or store credit if the problem cannot be fixed). All orders at Mac of All Trades receive free shipping.


Since 2014, Gazelle has offered refurbished, used, and pre-owned smartphones. Nevertheless, the business has rapidly developed into one of the leading names in the refurbished sector. Its “no strings attached” policy is primarily responsible for its wide range of favorable customer reviews. Additionally, you can purchase a phone without a contract or other commitment.

Testing: A device that has undergone Gazelle’s 30-point inspection program has been certified. When purchasing a handset from this retailer, you can feel more confident knowing that the phone has undergone a thorough testing process to ensure it is in flawless working order.

Warranty and shipping information: The smartphones sold by this retailer have a 30-day warranty and a specific return policy. Within 30 days of delivery, you may return any Gazelle Certified product you’ve purchased and get a refund of your money. In addition, all of Gazelle’s products come with free shipping.


We understand that visiting all of these retailers to compare prices and offers is a tiresome and time-consuming task, which is why we do it for you here at RefurbMe. A website that compares prices for refurbished Apple products is called RefurbMe. We assist users in real-time in locating the best deals on used iPhones, saving them money, time, and effort. 

Testing Procedure: Every merchant has been scrutinized, and we’ve compared the specifics of their testing procedure. At once, compare the testing procedures used by all merchants. 

Guarantee and shipping: Refurbishers listed on RefurbMe offer a warranty of at least 30 days, though most provide a warranty of one year. Compare all refurbishers’ warranties. All of the listed retailers offer free shipping when it comes to shipping.

Additionally, you can set up stock and deal alerts so that you will be notified via email when the phone you’re looking for restocks or drops in price. 

Final Thoughts 

A refurbished phone purchase can be a smooth process. Trying to find deals on the tech you love should take less time. In addition to the locations listed in this article, you can also find refurbished phones in Phone Daddy. 

Are Refurbished Apple iPhones Water-Resistant?

Refurbished iPhones from Apple are fully certified, meaning they are inspected and should be in factory condition when sold with a new display, battery, and outer aluminum casing. Apple’s refurbished devices, mainly iPhones, perform almost the same as brand-new ones. Thus, it means Apple’s refurbished iPhones, like brand-new ones, have water resistance features. Therefore, let’s walk through Apple’s iPhone’s water resistance and see which refurbished iPhones are water resistant and their ratings.  

Water Resistance of the iPhone 7 and Later Models 

All Apple phones after iPhone 7 and later models like iPhone 13 (mini, Pro, and Pro Max), iPhone 12 (mini, Pro, and Pro Max), iPhone SE, iPhone 11 (Pro and Pro Max), iPhone XS, and XS Max, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, and iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are water resistant. It means if you have refurbished iPhone 7 and later models, for example, a refurbished iPhone 12 from Apple, they are water-resistant. 

iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models can resist water with a maximum depth of 6 meters up to 30 minutes, iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max (maximum depth of 4 meters up to 30 minutes), iPhone 11, XS, and XS (maximum depth of 2 meters up to 30 minutes), and the rest of the iPhones resist water with a maximum depth of 1 meter up to 30 minutes. 

Splash, water, and dust resistance are not always present and may deteriorate with time and regular use. The warranty does not cover liquid damage, but you may still be entitled to compensation under consumer law.

Accidental spills from common liquids like soda, beer, coffee, tea, and juice won’t harm the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone SE (2nd generation), iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. If your iPhone gets spilled, wipe it off and dry it after rinsing the area with tap water.

What Should I Do If My iPhone Gets Wet?

Let’s imagine you have a refurbished iPhone 12, and you suddenly spilled coffee on it, so now you should do the following steps to keep your phone safe:

  1. Rinse the affected area of your iPhone with tap water if any liquid other than water spills on it.
  2. Use a soft, lint-free cloth, such as a lens cloth, to clean your iPhone. Before removing the SIM tray, make sure your iPhone is dry.

With the Lightning connector facing down, tap your iPhone gently against your hand to remove any excess moisture. Place your iPhone in a dry location with air circulation. To speed up the drying process, position your iPhone before a fan blowing cool air straight into the Lightning connector.

Avoid using an external heat source to dry your iPhone or sticking something strange, like a cotton swab or a paper towel, into the Lightning connector.

When you connect a Lightning cable or accessory to your iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, or a later model, your iPhone can alert you if a liquid is in the Lightning port.

Can I Charge My iPhone Even If It Gets Wet?

Unplug all the cables from your iPhone if it has met any liquid, and wait to charge it until it is scorched. Using accessories or charging your iPhone while it’s wet could cause damage. Before using a Lightning cable to charge or connect a Lightning accessory, give yourself at least 5 hours.

Wipe off your iPhone with a soft, lint-free cloth, such as a lens cloth, to prepare it for wireless charging. Before placing your iPhone on a compatible wireless charging mat, make sure it is dry.

What Should I Do If My iPhone’s Speaker Is Muffled After Getting Wet?

Check to see if there is water in the speaker or microphone: Check if water drips out of your iPhone by placing its speaker side down on a lint-free cloth. Until the water in the port completely evaporates, speaker or microphone performance may suffer. Apply the previous instructions to dry your iPhone.

Avoid These To Prevent Liquid Damage:

  • Swimming or bathing while using your iPhone
  • Expose your iPhone to pressurized or high-velocity water, such as showering, water skiing, wakeboarding, jet skiing, etc.
  • In a sauna or steam room, use your iPhone.
  • Submerging your iPhone in water on purpose
  • Using your iPhone in temperatures outside of the recommended ranges or in extremely humid conditions
  • Dropping your iPhone or exposing it to other forces
  • Taking apart your iPhone, including removing screws

Final Thoughts 

According to Apple, refurbished devices, mainly iPhones, perform almost like new ones. Therefore, Apple’s refurbished iPhones, like new ones, are water resistant. So, this article helped you to go over Apple’s iPhone water resistance and see which iPhones are resistant to water and in what are the maximum meters and how long. 

Does Apple Give Refurbished iPhone Device As A Replacement? 

Your iPhone might experience issues from time to time. You might end up needing a replacement iPhone through AppleCare if these problems are unfixable by you or the Apple Store is unable to resolve them. One may wonder if the replacement iPhone is a brand-new one or a refurbished one.

In this article, we will discuss how to check if the replacement iPhone from Apple is new or if Apple gives refurbished iPhones as a replacement. 

Are AppleCare Replacement Phones New or Refurbished?

AppleCare will send you a brand-new phone if they replace your phone within the first 14 days of your purchase. AppleCare will replace your phone with a refurbished one after the first 14 days. Your device’s settings are the quickest and simplest place to check whether your AppleCare replacement iPhone is brand-new or refurbished. You can go a little further if you obtain your replacement through your wireless carrier. Your mind may be at ease once you have the information you’re looking for. 

It can be very frustrating when your brand-new iPhone breaks or has a defect. Accidents do occur, though, and technology could be more flawless. Accidents do occur, though, and technology could be more flawless. You can turn to AppleCare for a useful replacement if your iPhone is beyond saving.

There are steps you can take to figure out whether your replacement iPhone, for example, an iPhone 12 received through AppleCare, is a brand-new or refurbished iPhone 12

  1. Check Your iPhone’s Model Number

By looking at the iPhone’s model number, you can quickly determine whether your AppleCare replacement iPhone is brand new or refurbished.

Go to Settings on your iPhone and select General to accomplish this. Next, select About.

The fourth choice down is the Model Number.

You have a brand-new iPhone if its model number starts with the letter “M.”

On the other hand, if your AppleCare replacement iPhone’s model number begins with the letter “N,” it is a replacement.

Model numbers for iPhone replacements that you can purchase from your wireless provider begin with the letter “F.” However, those iPhones are not genuine Apple products; instead, they are replacements obtained directly from the carrier.

Please note that any model numbers listed above are distinct from any model numbers that may start with the letter “A” and appear on the back of your iPhone.

  1. Another Way To Check Your iPhone’s Model Number

You can also see the model number in the SIM card tray slot if you have an iPhone as recent as the iPhone 8 or higher.

You must take out the SIM card tray to check your model number. It’s easy to remove the SIM card tray from the slot on your iPhone.

Push the SIM card tray into the hole using your iPhone’s SIM card tray removal tool. You should be able to remove it once it gently pops open.

This method also allows you to verify that the model number of your AppleCare replacement iPhone is the same.

A new iPhone has a model number that starts with the letter “M,” while a refurbished iPhone has a model number that begins with the letter “N.”

What Criteria Does Apple Use When Replacing An iPhone?

In addition, you might be curious about Apple’s policy regarding exchanging a defective iPhone that is not repairable.

You can get a brand-new iPhone as a replacement through AppleCare if you purchased your iPhone within the last 14 days and need one because its problems cannot be fixed.

Even if your iPhone is still covered by warranty, you’ll get a refurbished model if you’ve had it for a while.

If the customer has owned the device for more than 14 days, Apple’s policy is to replace it with a refurbished iPhone.

If all of Apple’s refurbished model iPhones are sold out, that rule is the only one that applies.

Any remaining warranties will be transferred to the new iPhone if you purchase a refurbished iPhone to replace your old one.

Remember that a replacement iPhone you receive through AppleCare is never referred to as a “refurbished” model. However, Apple typically offers the customer a replacement that has been refurbished but otherwise is in like-new condition. Therefore, if you ever need to replace your iPhone for any reason, the replacement you get will look brand-new to you.

Other than the “N” at the beginning of the model number, you won’t be able to tell that it’s a refurbished model. It is simple to determine whether your AppleCare replacement iPhone is brand-new or refurbished. You can always view the model number in the settings to see whether it starts with an “M” or an “N,” Thanks to Apple, you can be sure that your replacement iPhone is a refurb that is always like new.


If AppleCare replaces your phone within the first 14 days of your purchase, they’ll send you a brand-new device. After 14 days, AppleCare will exchange your phone for a refurbished model. However, if you want to ensure that your replacement iPhone is new or refurbished, you can use the two ways explained in this article to check if the phone is new or refurbished. You can buy a refurbished phone, like a refurbished iPhone 12, from retailers other than Apple at a reasonable price.   

How Is The Quality Of The Refurbished Apple iPhone?

Some people interpret the term “refurbished” as a used device fixed up and sold at a discount. There is occasionally concern about whether they will receive a product with cosmetic or even functional damage. Many companies don’t have strict quality control programs for refurbished goods, which leads to a stigma against buying refurbished electronics, but Apple does. Apple’s refurbished products, offered from its online store, are “as good as new” products but come with a lower price tag than those sold by other companies.

This article explicitly examines the Apple refurbished iPhone’s physical appearance and functionality, including its cameras and battery. 

What Does Refurbished iPhone Mean? 

A refurbished iPhone is an iPhone that has been renovated and, if necessary, repaired so it can be sold to a new owner, typically at a reduced price.

The quality of the renovation or refurbishment is one of the biggest unknowns when purchasing a refurbished item. Apple’s refurbishment quality is very high, as seen in the case of its refurbished iPhone store.

Apple’s Refurbished iPhone Quality 

Everything you touch when using an Apple refurbished iPhone is brand new. You will receive a thoroughly cleaned and examined refurbished device with genuine Apple replacement parts (as needed). New batteries and outer casings are included with refurbished iOS devices. Each device will include all necessary cables, add-ons, and operating systems. All Apple Certified Refurbished products are sent to you with free shipping and returns and come packaged in a brand-new white box. 

The back glass, screen, metal frame, and battery are all parts that Apple replaces almost entirely. The logic board houses the processor and other necessary hardware for the phone to function, and the camera module is the only previously owned original part in refurbished iPhones.

The refurbished iPhone from Apple is shipped in a plain cardboard box. A white iPhone box is securely fastened inside the shipping container when the package is opened. The iPhone box is all white and says “Apple Certified Pre-Owned” toward the bottom, in contrast to purchasing a brand-new device. Apple presents its refurbished iPhones in the same box as brand-new ones. You can easily peel off the plastic wrapping that covers the front and back.

Apple claims to replace the entire “outer shell” of used iPhones, including the metal frame, back, and front. 

The only original components are the logic board inside, which houses the processor and other hardware, and the camera module. The metal frame has no dents or scratches at all. The charger, charging cable, and wired EarPods are all brand-new accessories. If you purchase a refurbished iPhone, you will still receive Apple stickers. The battery is fully charged, indicating that it is a new battery.

Every Apple Certified Refurbished product, including refurbished iPhone, comes with Apple’s standard one-year limited warranty, which supports the company’s commitment to quality.

Should You Buy A Refurbished iPhone From Apple?

When using one of Apple’s refurbished iPhones, you hardly ever notice that it was once someone else’s phone because they are in such excellent condition. There is a 14-day return policy, and the standard one-year warranty is also included with refurbished iPhones from Apple.

We don’t outright advise purchasing any refurbished iPhone you see in Apple’s refurbished store just because it’s on sale. For example, you can buy a refurbished iPhone 12, a newer phone with a faster processor, better cameras, and less expensive.  The savings on refurbished iPhones aren’t particularly significant. The savings you receive for the refurbished iPhones is what you would anticipate for a new unit of a previous generation. By giving Apple your old phone in exchange, you can increase the value of the discount.

The main disadvantage of purchasing a refurbished iPhone from Apple is that there is a finite supply and that the best models, like the iPhone 11, always sell out quickly. Additionally, you’ll find reconditioned models with more storage space, such as 256GB instead of 64GB. It is not worthwhile to purchase a refurbished unit that costs more than the base storage model if you do not require a high storage model. You must frequently check or keep an eye out for headlines that indicate when the model you want will be back in stock. But if you will not find your wanted models, like the refurbished iPhone 12 by Apple, on time, you still can buy it from other popular credible retailers like Amazon, Blackmarket, Phone Daddy, etc. 

Final Thoughts

Third-party retailers can offer refurbished or used Apple products at steeper discounts, but only Apple offers a rigorous refurbishment process and inspection.

There’s almost no downside to buying a refurbished Apple product if you’re willing to wait a few months. The quality is excellent, and the cost savings may be worth the wait. But if you cannot wait to buy the best models, like a refurbished iPhone 12 by Apply, you can find them from other retailers.  

Do Refurbished iPhones By Apple Last Long?

For some, “refurbished” refers to used equipment cleaned up and sold at a reduced price. There is occasionally concern about inheriting aesthetic or even functional harm.

In refurbished iPhones, Apple replaces practically everything, including the rear glass, screen, metal frame, and battery. The logic board comprises the CPU and other components that make the phone operate, and the camera module is the only pre-owned original part in refurbished iPhones.

Essentially, when you use an Apple refurbished iPhone, everything you touch is brand new. In this article, we share how long lasts a refurbished iPhone received from Apple and in which condition. 

How Does Apple Refurbish iPhones?

Here’s how Apple restores iPhones: 

  • Any broken parts are replaced with authentic Apple replacement parts.
  • Replace both the battery and the outer shell with new ones.
  • Check that it works and functions like a brand-new iPhone.
  • Format the hard drive and reinstall the operating system.
  • It should be thoroughly cleaned.
  • Then repack it with its new accessories in a “simple white box.” 

That white box is another method for a shopper to tell it’s an Apple Certified Refurbished iPhone rather than a brand new one. The original components are the logic board inside, which houses the CPU and other gear, and the camera module. All the accessories, including the charger, charging cord, and wired EarPods, are new. Moreover, buying a refurbished iPhone will still receive Apple stickers.

Apple provides a new 1-year guarantee and an AppleCare plan for a certified refurbished iPhone. Apple often offers certified refurbished iPhones at a significant discount, sometimes up to 15% off the original price. 

Before buying any refurbished product from Apple, it is helpful to do your research about Apple refurbished products to decide on buying them or not. 

What’s a 3rd Party refurbished iPhone?

However, Apple is not the only company that refurbishes iPhones. Other firms also renew and restore iPhones. Most offer their refurbished phones for far less than Apple’s Certified Refurbished iPhones. Consider Amazon’s Amazon Renewed iPhone program. Amazon’s refurbished iPhones are incredibly affordable. Amazon often characterizes iPhones as follows:

  • The product functions properly and appears to be brand new. Amazon Renewed Guaranteed for 90 days.
  • Apple has not approved this used item, but it has been properly examined, tested, and cleaned by Amazon-qualified vendors.
  • There will be no noticeable visual flaws when held at arm’s length.
  • This product’s battery will have more than 80% capacity compared to the new one.
  • The accessories will not be authentic, but they will be compatible and functioning. The product may arrive in a generic box.
  • If dissatisfied with this product, you may return it for a replacement or refund within 90 days of receiving it.

Even if their phones are in decent shape, there are several reasons why you should avoid purchasing third-party refurbished iPhones.

Why Might Third-Party Refurbished iPhones be Harmful to You?

It is possible that they did not replace the battery with a new one. As a result, you would get an iPhone with a low maximum battery capacity (between 85 and 95%). 

Most warranties are only valid for a few months, which would be the refurbishers warranty rather than an Apple warranty. As a result, you will be unable to obtain AppleCare coverage for a refurbished iPhone from a third party.

When a 3rd Party refurbished iPhone is offered, the component number will still begin with an “M.” Unlike Apple, third-party refurbishers are not permitted to change an iPhone’s component number, which begins with an “F.” As a result, it is possible to purchase a previously refurbished iPhone whose component number begins with an M, N, or P.

Do Refurbished iPhones by Apple Last Long?

The iPhones that Apple refurbishes and sells last a long time because Apple replaces any worn parts. Regardless of the state of the present battery, they all have brand-new batteries installed, and they appear like brand-new phones.

Apart from the brown cardboard box they arrive in, there is no way to know they are not brand-new phones. 

The refurbished iPhone by Apple is all backed by an Apple warranty. 

Final Thoughts 

Refurbished iPhones received by Apple last long because they are in good condition and even look like brand-new phones. However, except for Apple, there are other credible websites like Phone Daddy where you can find refurbished iPhones; for example, a refurbished iPhone 12 is available at $490. 

How To Check If My iPhone Is Brand New Or Refurbished?

Knowing exactly what you’re receiving when purchasing a smartphone might be challenging. Refurbished products are available from retailers and manufacturers, such as Amazon’s Renewed program and Apple’s official refurbished shop.

In some situations, parts (such as the battery) have been changed. In others, traded-in phones have merely been categorized into several groups based on their condition and level of functioning.

If you are looking for an iPhone, you may want to know if the iPhone you are considering purchasing is new or refurbished. The ways to determine if an iPhone is refurbished or a brand-new smartphone are provided below.

Is Your iPhone Refurbished?

As you may be aware, Apple offers certified refurbished smartphones, and many consumers prefer purchasing refurbished iPhones owing to the reduced pricing and good quality of Apple-sold used gadgets.

While the quality of Apple-certified refurbished iPhones is excellent, the seller currently attempting to sell you the iPhone purchased it for a lower price than a new device.

As a result, you may utilize this knowledge to negotiate a fair deal while shopping for secondhand iPhones.

Because a Seller is unlikely to offer this information, you can check the model identification number to see if the iPhone is Refurbished or if it was purchased as a new item.

How to Determine Whether an iPhone is Refurbished or New

iPhones are popular in the used market because they may be expensive when new. 

If you’re purchasing from a private seller, presume the Phone has been used and that any claims to ‘like new’ or refurbished are because the seller has maintained it in good condition or has opened but not used it. Assume there is no warranty unless they can provide a receipt from an Apple store or another merchant. When purchasing from Apple, reconditioned models are identified.  

Follow the procedures below to determine whether the iPhone was refurbished or purchased as a brand-new device by the vendor:

  1. Go to Settings > General and scroll down to About.
  2. Examine the Model Number on the About screen carefully. The first character of the Model Number specifies whether the iPhone is brand new, refurbished, a replacement device, or a customized iPhone.

Here’s a rundown of what the first character in a model number means:

  • M: New device; the iPhone was purchased as a new device.
  • F: Refurbished item; the iPhone has been refurbished.
  • N: Replacement device; this gadget replaced the initially purchased iPhone.
  • P: Personalized gadget; the item was engraved with a personal message.

If you see a Model Number beginning with the letter A, tap on it. This will change the Model Number to the standard one, which begins with the letters M, F, N, or P.

Apple’s device has two numbering schemes. The first numbering method begins with the letter “A” and is followed by four numbers. The second sort of Model Number often begins with the letters M, F, N, or P, depending on whether the item is New, Refurbished, Replacement, or Personalized.

It is not usually a concern if you discover that your Phone has been refurbished. Apple has a rigorous procedure to make its Certified Refurbished items as good as new. They carefully clean each item, repair broken parts as needed, and replace the battery and outside shell. You can buy refurbished iPhones from Phone Daddy, but they are not certified. 

Devices Refurbished by Third Parties

The Apple-certified refurbished iPhone is distinct from the carrier-certified refurbished versions, and it is easy to mistake the two at times. The carrier supervises the refurbishing procedure in the case of a carrier-refurbished model. 

If your Phone was previously repaired by an unofficial repair service not recognized by Apple, the model number might not reflect that. Few third-party vendors have the exact high refurbishing requirements as Apple. 

Final Thoughts 

That’s all there is to it; you now know how to tell whether an iPhone is new, referred, replaced, or something else.

While understanding your iPhone’s Apple-based roots won’t make much of a difference in how it functions—more that’s dependent on how past owners treated it—it’s always nice to be better educated, and this quick tip accomplishes the trick.