Refurbished iPhone 14 vs. New: Which One Should You Choose             

Are you a loyal Apple customer and follow their latest products? The new iPhone 14 series was released, and you are thinking of obtaining one? So, do you know why it is smarter to buy a refurbished iPhone rather than a new one? Let’s discuss the reasons why it is smarter to get a refurbished latest iPhone than invest in a brand new one.

The iPhone 14 is one of the Apple’s “affordable” flagship iPhone that comes at a much lower price compared to the premium iPhone 14 pro series. This iPhone comes with a durable Ceramic Shield front cover that protects its display from bumps and drops. Also, all of the iPhone 14 models are IP68 water resistant which allows them to withstand a depth of 6 meters for up to 30 minutes. Just like the iPhone 13 Pro models the iPhone 12 models have the A15 bionic chip. But the iPhone 14 series also have some updated internal design that allows for better thermal performance. It also has improved camera lenses with improved performance in low light. iPhone 14 is a great flagship device if you want to invest in one. If you are thinking about purchasing a new iPhone 14 stop for a while and think. Maybe you can consider a refurbished iPhone 14 instead of a brand new one?

Apple has always offered its loyal customers phones with some of the best qualities in the market. Each of the iPhones from the four models in 14 series has unique identity. If your new iPhone breaks and you go for replacement, Apple will give you a refurbished device instead. A refurbished device and you will not be able to tell the difference between the new and refurb in this case. Just like the new device, the refurbished products go through the same testing process. Any defect found is repaired and the damaged parts are also replaced. These devices function perfectly just like the new products, they are just offered at a discounted price due to their refurb tag. If you have been thinking of buying a refurbished iPhone 14, there is no downside to your choice, but more advantages to it.

The refurbished iPhone 14 offers more security than the regular one including a warranty in case something goes wrong. The refurbished iPhone 14s are almost as cheap as the second-hand iPhone 14s. The great thing about it is you will save money and still receive the same high quality. Not talking about the environmental benefits that buying a used Phone can have. By getting a refurbished device, you are also helping to reduce your carbon footprint and the amount of electronic waste that can circulate in the environment. Manufacturing each phone uses numerous raw materials that emit significant quantities of carbon dioxide which contributes to global warming. In fact, as much as 85–95% of carbon emissions caused by mobile phones are produced during their production. By purchasing a refurbished iPhone 14, you are contributing to the responsible recycling of existing resources and environmentally sustainable consumption.

It’s a common misconception that refurbished mobile phones have shorter lifespans than new ones. Well, most of the times it depends on how the phone was refurbished. A great example of a refurbished phone with a surprising lifespan is iPhone 6s. Even though the phone was released in 2015, it is still widely popular. Therefore, you can be sure that the refurbished iPhone 14 will work according to Apple’s standards.

When shopping refurbished, you will receive a device that has been thoroughly inspected and cleaned. They come genuine Apple replacement parts such as new battery and outer shell. The refurbished devices also have all the necessary accessories and cables. Also, when buying a refurbished Apple device, you can also have the option of getting additional coverage by purchasing AppleCare products.

It is no secret that buying a refurbished iPhone is a lot cheaper than investing in a brand new one. We are not talking about small savings here. Purchasing a refurbished iPhone can save you hundreds of dollars, especially if the refurbished devices are on sale. Usually, the older te iPhone model is the more likely you will save more money. However, the iPhones from the last couple of years can be obtained at an incredibly low price too.

Whether you decide to go for a brand new iPhone 14 or a refurbished option at the end depends on you. However, with refurbished one, you will not lose anything but save some hundred dollars. Think again why it is a good idea to invest in a refurbished device. Check out Phone Daddy’s website for refurbished iPhone 14 phones at a decent price. They come with one year warranty and you are guaranteed to not regret your decision for sure.


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