How To Know If Your iPhone 13 Pro Max Is Real Or Fake?

Do you want to know how to identify a fake iPhone 13 Pro Max? If you want to purchase a new iPhone 13 Pro Max, you probably want to know whether you are purchasing a genuine Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max or a fake one. This article will show you how to spot a fake iPhone 13 Pro Max and tell it apart from the real thing.

The risk of purchasing a fake iPhone increases as more trade and sales move online. The business has grown significantly for dishonest phone manufacturers. Fake iPhones used to be very obvious, but the market became much savvier as time passed. This article will outline a few things to consider when determining whether your iPhone 13 Pro Max is real or fake.

The advice in this guide can also be used to identify a fake iPhone 13 mini or iPhone 13 Pro. 

Let’s start with the exterior characteristics. The fake iPhone 13 Pro Max looks exceptionally similar to the untrained eye.

Check the Packaging 

Similar to the fake iPhone 12, the packaging is one of the first characteristics you should look for when trying to identify a fake iPhone 13 Pro Max. Although it might have an exterior identical to the original packaging, it is typically made of somewhat less expensive materials. 

When opening these boxes, the phone may occasionally be wrapped in plastic rather than having its distinctive pull-off tabs. Also possible are product instructions written in enormous foreign characters. 

The real iPhone 13 Pro Max box includes details such as the model, phone description, manufacturer’s name, serial number, and a bar code to guarantee that the item is authentic. This additional information about your device will be found on something other than a fake iPhone 13 Pro Max box. When removing the fake iPhone, a noticeable weight difference should also be apparent.

Find the Slot for a Memory Card.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max lacks a slot for a memory card. You should start backing away if the device has a memory card slot on the side or back because it is a knockoff of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. 

Check the Apple Logo on the iPhone’s back. 

Flip the phone over and examine the logo on the back once you’ve unwrapped it. Although it might appear the same as the genuine article, a fake can usually be identified by a few minor flaws. The logo on an imitation iPhone 13 Pro Max is slightly recessed and has a mirror finish. A genuine Apple logo shouldn’t have any raised or textured areas. The iPhone is probably not an original if your finger feels different rubbing across the logo than it does rubbing across any other area of the phone’s back.

Examine the Charging Port.

Moving on to the next tip for identifying a fake Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, we can examine the bottom of the phone, which will reveal several clues about the device’s authenticity. A fake iPhone 13 Pro Max typically has a plastic border or is marked with an engraved line around the port to mimic the original product’s design.

Check the Penta Lobe Screws 

Some standard screws used in all iPhone products can be seen right next to the charging port. Penta lobe screws are what these are known as because they have five screw head points. The standard cross screws on the fake iPhone 13 Pro Max can be a dead giveaway if you pay attention to such a minor detail.

Examine the Camera’s Body.

The camera’s construction can then be viewed from the back. This was captured using only the camera and not the app itself. Typically, the fake iPhone 13 Pro Max sinks a little bit, giving the camera a smaller height than the real iPhone.

Now activate the iPhone. This is where things start to seem strange.

Verify the Welcome Logo.

The welcome logo is the first thing you see when you turn on an iPhone. On a fake iPhone 13 Pro Max, you typically avoid this. In most cases, the word “Welcome” appears on the screen in place of the original Apple logo. This is an absolute dead giveaway that the device is fake.

Verify the IMEI or Model Number.

An original iPhone 13 Pro Max box should have the model, serial, and IMEI numbers visible. These figures correspond to what you see under Settings > General > About> Serial Number. It is an attempt to copy an iPhone 13 Pro Max if these numbers don’t match those on the box it arrived in.

Using Apple’s Check Coverage website to look up the serial number is another way to identify fake iPhone 13s. 

Now, check if your iPhone is genuine by going to and entering your iPhone serial number. The model, warranty duration, support situation, and other details about the phone should be displayed after entering the serial number of the iPhone into Apple’s warranty status website. Your iPhone 13 Pro Max is a copy if you see the message “We’re sorry, but this serial number is not valid.”

Look in the Camera App.

We’ll now discuss the camera within the app. You will notice a noticeable difference in the quality because fake iPhone 13s never contain the best camera. Do you recall how cameras appeared in the mid-2000s? You will get what you ask for. The quality was restored to standard definition. You will only notice the quality difference when using either the selfie camera or the rear-facing camera if you’re so out of touch with smartphones.

Examine the iTunes and App Store.

The main distinction between a real iPhone 13 Pro Max and a fake one is shown here. Most fake iPhone 13 devices run Android because they can customize the interface’s skin. The iTunes or App stores are not available on Android devices. If you click these, you will be redirected to another app or the Google Play Store. If these apps perform any other action besides opening the expected Apple stores, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is a fake and a copy.

Final Thoughts 

As clones are made with great care, especially about the phone’s appearance, it is very simple to mistake one for an authentic iPhone 13 Pro Max at first glance. Please report any counterfeit iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, or iPhone 13 Pro Max, and please use caution when buying or trading items online due to these apparent feature variations.


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