Which is better, the iPhone X or the iPhone 11 Pro?

If you spent $1,000 or more on an iPhone X a few years ago, there is news for you. One of the best phones overall, the iPhone 11 Pro is significantly better. If your current iPhone X is in good condition and you can trade it in, the new iPhone’s improved camera might convince you to upgrade.

Even so, $1000 is a sizable sum, and you might be nearing the end of your current iPhone X loan. Is the expensive iPhone 11 Pro worth it, especially with the upcoming iPhone 12? Before you decide, consider the information below.

iPhone 11 Pro vs. iPhone X: Cameras

With its triple rear cameras, the iPhone 11 Pro has a clear advantage over the iPhone X, including an ultra-wide lens that can take photos with a more dramatic appearance. The iPhone X gets by with a standard wide camera and telephoto lens. With enhanced HDR, a new Night mode, and Deep Fusion for offering incomparable levels of detail, Apple goes even further with the iPhone 11 Pro. Compared to the iPhone X, the Night mode on the iPhone 11 Pro is a true standout feature. 

The iPhone X generation wasn’t among the most colorful shooters, so the 11 Pro doesn’t look any more muted next to it. The newer phone takes objectively better photos because they are noticeably sharper and have crisper details. Additionally, noise reduction is much better, and the images on the 11 Pro are much cleaner.

The iPhone 11 Pro’s Portrait Mode and overall dynamic range brought the biggest improvements in still image quality (via the new HDR algorithms).

The iPhone 11 Pro completely outperformed the iPhone X in Portrait Mode. This was especially clear when using the background blurring mode on objects with more intricate shapes, like flowers or trees. When we look at the photo taken by the iPhone 11 Pro, we can see that almost every stem and flower have the background blurred. In contrast, the X blurs some of the incorrect flowers and has much less distinction between the foreground and background.

The iPhone 11 Pro camera offers significantly better low-light video quality than the XS and X. 

Highlights on the iPhone 11 Pro have more details. 

iPhone 11 Pro vs. iPhone X: Design and Display 

From the front, the iPhone 11 Pro resembles the iPhone X exactly, notch and all. However, Apple’s more recent phone is available in two colors, Gold, Midnight Green, and Space Gray and Silver.

In contrast to the vertical strip for the dual cameras on the iPhone X, the iPhone 11 Pro’s rear has three cameras arranged in a square. The new appearance is imposing—in a good way. In addition, users prefer the matte appearance of the iPhone 11 Pro back to the glossy appearance of the iPhone X

The iPhone 11 Pro, according to Apple, has the hardest glass ever used in a smartphone, making it more resistant to damage than the iPhone X.

The iPhone 11 Pro’s only design flaw is that it weighs 6.8 ounces more than the iPhone X, as opposed to the earlier model’s 6.14 ounces.

Compared to the iPhone X, the OLED display on the iPhone 11 Pro is significantly brighter.

iPhone 11 Pro vs. iPhone X: Performance and Battery Life 

The newest A13 Bionic processor from Apple, the fastest smartphone chip, is included in the iPhone 11 Pro. Even though the A11 Bionic in the iPhone X isn’t a slouch, the iPhone 11 Pro offers quicker application launches, improved graphics, and more fluid gameplay—especially if you plan to use the Apple Arcade gaming service. Additionally, the A13 chip in the iPhone 11 Pro is better suited for iOS AR apps.

The iPhone 11 Pro has a battery capacity of 3,046 mAh, unlike the iPhone X’s 2,716 mAh capacity. On the Tom’s Guide battery test for web browsing, the iPhone 11 Pro performed admirably, lasting 10 hours and 24 minutes. On the same test, the iPhone X lasted 9:51, so you can anticipate at least an additional 30 minutes of endurance.

An 18-watt fast charger that can charge the iPhone 11 Pro to 55% in 30 minutes is included in the box. Only if you purchase a second USB-C to Lightning cable and USB-C charger can you get fast charging for the iPhone X, which only comes with a 5W charger that is much slower.

Final Thoughts 

Avoid holding the iPhone 11 Pro in your hand if you’re on the fence about upgrading from the iPhone X. The reason is that after using Apple’s more recent flagship for just a short while, you’ll want it.

The camera system on the iPhone 11 Pro is truly a step up, from the ultra-wide camera to Apple’s new Night mode. The display on the iPhone 11 Pro is also significantly brighter than the iPhone X’s screen. The faster performance, longer battery life, and quicker charging of the iPhone 11 Pro are additional advantages.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep your iPhone X. Most users will be satisfied with its performance, and the cameras are decent (at least when there is adequate ambient light). The most significant justification for holding off is 5G, which the iPhone 12 Pro should support.
But the iPhone 11 Pro will always be there if you’re in the market for a new iPhone. If your budget doesn’t allow you, a used iPhone 11 Pro is an excellent choice for you to save money.


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