Does Apple Still Sell The iPhone 11 Pro Max In Stores? 

The iPhone 11 Pro Max from Apple is a great smartphone. It was the most powerful iPhone ever when it first came out. Its battery life was amazing, its camera was superb, and its industrial design and OLED display were stunning.

However, Apple discontinued the iPhone 11 Pro Max when the iPhone 12 range was released. Apple decided to stop selling the iPhone 11 Pro Max in order to increase sales of its more recent 5G iPhones in the iPhone 12 lineup.

This makes the iPhone 11 Pro Max one of the shortest-lived iPhone releases ever, as it was only available to purchase through Apple’s official channels for a year.

Is the iPhone 11 Pro Max still available to purchase?

The iPhone 11 Pro Max is still a great device, even if you don’t want or need 5G. Many people found that the Pro Max model was the obvious choice because it is larger and has a longer battery life than the iPhone 12 Pro.

The price of Apple’s previous-generation iPhones typically decreases significantly when a new one launches, as it did with the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

However, the iPhone 11 Pro Max cannot be found through the standard official channels, including carriers, networks, and Apple. Instead, you can purchase the iPhone 11 Pro Max through refurbished channels, such as Gazelle, RESELL, Phone Daddy, etc., where it can be obtained for significantly less money than you might expect. 

The iPhone 11 Pro Max was Apple’s flagship device when it first went on sale. But in 2021, the price of the 11 Pro Max became much more affordable; while it was still not cheap, it was about 40% less expensive than it was at launch, mainly if you chose the refurbished option. 

Is the iPhone 11 Pro Max worth it? 

With its 6.5-inch Super Retina XDR OLED display, A14 chipset, and one of the most sophisticated camera modules ever installed, Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro Max is phenomenally powerful.

Apple created the iPhone 11 Pro Max to be more robust and water-resistant. It is also more potent and won’t break if you drop it.

However, the iPhone 11 Pro Max has these amazing-looking matte finishes, which is good. The iPhone 11 Pro Max color option in Midnight Green by Apple is stunning. Gold, Space Gray, and Silver are additional color choices that you can choose from. 

But the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s camera is the show’s star. Its triple-lens camera module, which includes a new ultra-wide sensor and numerous other performance improvements, represented a significant upgrade over the iPhone XS Max.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max has a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle, wide-angle, and telephoto camera, compared to the iPhone XS Max’s two camera modules.

With a 120-degree field of view, the new ultra-wide sensor is excellent for taking landscape photos. More light means better-looking video and images, and its new telephoto lens f/2.0 aperture lets in 40% more light than the iPhone XS’s.

A completely redesigned camera app that makes taking pictures and videos even more straightforward is also available, along with more sophisticated Night Mode and Portrait Mode options.

In addition, you have support for next-generation HDR, 2x optical zoom in and out, and 10x digital zoom. The iPhone 11 Pro Max is an absolute powerhouse for taking pictures and recording videos.

Even 4K video capture with the enhanced dynamic range at 24, 30, or 60 frames per second is supported by the iPhone 11 Pro Max. And if that wasn’t enough, the iPhone 11 Pro Max has three cameras, all of which can record video.


You have more than enough power inside your device thanks to Apple’s A14 CPU. The iPhone 11 Pro Max will rank among the most powerful smartphones ever for many years.

Although the iPhone 11 Pro Max has 5G, you cannot get 5G where you live; there is a solid argument to be made for choosing this device over the iPhone 12. 

The iPhone 11 Pro Max’s battery life is also special thanks to the absence of 5G; it lasts almost five hours longer on a single charge than Apple’s more expensive iPhone 12 Pro Max.

You are still protected by impressive 4G speeds with mobile data. With advanced Intel modems, Apple has equipped the iPhone 11 Pro Max with Gigabit-class LTE, 44 MIMO, and LAA for breakneck mobile data speeds.

Where can you buy iPhone 11 Pro Max?

As mentioned earlier, Apple has formally discontinued the iPhone 11 Pro Max. You can still buy it; you need to be a little savvier about where and how you shop.

If you love refurbished technology, you can purchase the iPhone 11 Pro Max, for example, from Gazelle for a lower price, which is less than the cost of the iPhone 12 model. Although it is a refurbished phone, it will still look and perform just as well as a brand-new item. 

Gazelle offers financing options, allowing you to spread the price of an iPhone 11 Pro Max over 12 or 24 months, making the monthly payment more manageable.

Also, remember that the iPhone 11 Pro Max had a retail price of $1200 when it was first released in 2020, so getting it for a reasonable price is a good deal.

Final Thoughts 

To conclude, though iPhone 11 Pro Max has excellent features and is considered one of the most powerful phones, Apple discontinued it after the launch of the iPhone 12 linage. However, you can still buy the iPhone 11 Pro Max from stores that sell refurbished technology, including phones. Refurbished iPhones are the same as brand-new ones and at affordable prices.


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