Will a Phone Bought in the US Work in Canada? 

For first-time international travelers, international travel can be intimidating. Making sure your cell phone and other devices will work in the country you’re visiting is one of the more difficult steps in planning an international trip. Because Canada has a modern cellphone infrastructure similar to that of the United States, it is easier than it might be in Asia or Africa. Will your American cell phone work in Canada? It’s sometimes unclear-cut, but we’ll provide you with the information you need to decide how to proceed.

Rates and fees vary by carrier, so let’s go over them quickly so you can start planning your trip to Canada as soon as you check the weather. 

List of Cell Phones That Work in Canada

This is not an exhaustive list of phones that will work in Canada, but if you have any of the following newer phones, you’ll be fine in terms of hardware:

iPhone 9

iPhone 8

iPhone 7

iPhone 6

Samsung Galaxy 8 

Samsung Galaxy 7

Rates & Availability in Canada Depending on the US Carrier

  • Verizon
  • Sprint
  • AT&T
  • T-Mobile

Newer Verizon phones are functional in Canada (With Higher Fees)

Verizon has a tool that will tell you whether your cell phone will work in Canada and how much it will cost. Using your Verizon phone in Canada will likely cost a little more daily. According to conducted test, the minor plan and usage in Canada would cost about $5 per day. However, the good news is that your phone will work, and Verizon has excellent coverage. 

Sprint has coverage in the majority of Canada’s population areas

Sprint also has an excellent tool for determining whether your specific phone model will work in Canada. Sprint appears to be available in most populated areas on their Canadian coverage map, so you should be fine if you have a phone capable of using 4GLTE.

AT&T’s Unlimited and Other Select Plans Include Canadian Coverage

AT&T includes free international coverage in Canada with all Unlimited and Select Plans. Other plans will require you to call them and set something up and pay additional fees. Your phone should also have the most recent 4GLTE technology. Fortunately, they also have a tool for determining which phones will work in Canada.

Fear not, however, as AT&T also offers service in a sizable portion of Canada. The prepaid SIM card comes preloaded with 30GB of data and 30 days of available texts and calls.

Although we can’t say AT&T has the fastest networks in the US, it will still give you access to quick and dependable networks in many of Canada. You will most certainly need that when venturing into unfamiliar territory.

T-Mobile provides free coverage for Canada.

T-mobile may offer the best phone policy in Canada. Everyone can use it for free. However, we have yet to verify that the coverage is worse than that of the larger carriers like Verizon and Sprint. Their coverage maps in Canada appear comparable to those of other US carriers. You’ll still require a phone that can handle international travel, like the most recent iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. 

Purchase a SIM card from one of the most influential networks on Amazon or the T-Mobile website with ease. Canada now has access to one of the best signals in the United States. This burner SIM card is something you should use in Canada. Along with unlimited texts and calls for 15 days, 5GB of data is available.    

Take the hassle out of trying to unlock your phone or worrying about purchasing a new phone in Canada. After replacing your SIM card quickly and easily, you can start exploring Canada. 

TrueMove H

A fundamental “burner” SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card is one of them. The alternative is a plan your cell phone service provider will set up for international calls.

The first choice is a burner SIM card called TrueMove H. Check out TrueMove H if you’re wondering whether or not US cell phones will function in Canada. One of Canada’s best choices for short-term cell phone service is this. They have one of Canada’s largest 3G roaming networks and 4G LTE networks.

The prepaid SIM card has 6GB of data stored for 15 days. Calls and text messages are not included, so the provider must establish an international call plan. This SIM card is a great choice if you only use the data for email or directions. Check out these popular SIM cards on Amazon if you’re looking for more options.  

Before leaving for Canada, always call your carrier.

Even though we’ll do our best to keep this list current, anything above could change anytime. Call your carrier and inquire about the best course of action for you, your phone, and your coverage when visiting Canada. The information above should reassure you that you should have adequate cell phone coverage in Canada if you use a modern phone and one of the major carriers.

Final Thoughts 

To conclude, one of the more challenging aspects of planning an international trip is ensuring your cell phone and other electronics function at the destination. It is easier than it might be in Asia or Africa because Canada has a contemporary cellphone infrastructure similar to that of the United States. Can you use your American mobile device in Canada? Although there aren’t always black-and-white answers, this article gives you the facts you need to proceed wisely.


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