Which Website Is Best for Buying a Refurbished iPhone Online?

As more suppliers and retailers sell refurbished tech products, the market for refurbished phones is expanding. Each has unique costs, guarantees, product offerings, and testing procedures. It’s best to shop around when purchasing refurbished phones to get the best deal.

Refurbished phones can now be purchased in a huge variety of locations. The problem is that so many options are available that you might feel paralyzed by them. Or, you might need to find out where to look or which stores have the best offers on refurbished phones.

Finding a place to purchase refurbished phones can be difficult when you’ve already researched them. So, to make your decision-making process much simpler, we’ve reviewed five stores where you can buy refurbished phones, comparing and contrasting them based on the testing procedure, warranty, and pricing they undergo. 

Apple Certified Refurbished Store 

One of the most reputable brands in the refurbished phone market is Apple, the company that created the iPhone. It makes sense why so many people would want to purchase a refurbished iPhone from the company that initially created the device.

Process for testing: Apple uses its own testing, certification, and repair services to refurbish its iPhones as part of the Apple Certified Refurbished Program. They will also be packaged with an Apple logo, a fresh battery, and a shell.

Warranty and shipping: The excellent warranty offered with the products sold in Apple’s refurbished store is one of the major draws. A 14-day return policy is also included, along with Apple’s one-year limited warranty (you can also choose to extend the warranty with AppleCare for a fee). Additionally, Apple offers free next-day shipping on all refurbished items.

Amazon Renewed 

Amazon has long sold refurbished phones but recently stepped up its efforts in response to the market’s rapid expansion. It’s understandable why so many people purchase their smartphones from Amazon since many of us already shop there (according to Statista, Amazon has more than 300 million active customers).

Amazon’s used phones have undergone testing, and as a result, they function and appear brand new. The exceptions are noted on the product page. They will arrive packaged in a generic box and frequently include the accessories you anticipate with a new handset version.

Warranty and Shipping: Amazon’s return policy and warranty policies are typically very good for other products; this is also true for its section of refurbished phones. The Amazon Renewed Guarantee provides a year’s worth of support for Amazon Renewed products, which are examined, tested, and made to function and appear like brand-new models. The majority of items qualify for Prime shipping.

Mac of All Trades 

Refrain from letting the name deceive you; Mac of All Trades sells more than refurbished MacBooks and iMacs. This store is considered one of the top locations to purchase used phones. Having been in operation for more than 20 years, it is one of the most reputable brands in the market, right next to Apple.

Testing: This retailer takes pride in its thorough testing procedure, which includes thorough hardware diagnostic testing, prompt replacement of a defective component, and careful inspection for cosmetic damage. Additionally, they have a rating system with the grades Fair, Good, and Excellent. The business also cleans the equipment with environmentally and electronically safe products. Finally, the testing procedure is carried out by Apple Certified Technicians.

Refurbished phones come with a one-year warranty and free shipping. On the date of delivery for Mac of All Trade, its standard warranty starts. They will try to fix any hardware problems that arise during this time or provide you with an exact replacement (or store credit if the problem cannot be fixed). All orders at Mac of All Trades receive free shipping.


Since 2014, Gazelle has offered refurbished, used, and pre-owned smartphones. Nevertheless, the business has rapidly developed into one of the leading names in the refurbished sector. Its “no strings attached” policy is primarily responsible for its wide range of favorable customer reviews. Additionally, you can purchase a phone without a contract or other commitment.

Testing: A device that has undergone Gazelle’s 30-point inspection program has been certified. When purchasing a handset from this retailer, you can feel more confident knowing that the phone has undergone a thorough testing process to ensure it is in flawless working order.

Warranty and shipping information: The smartphones sold by this retailer have a 30-day warranty and a specific return policy. Within 30 days of delivery, you may return any Gazelle Certified product you’ve purchased and get a refund of your money. In addition, all of Gazelle’s products come with free shipping.


We understand that visiting all of these retailers to compare prices and offers is a tiresome and time-consuming task, which is why we do it for you here at RefurbMe. A website that compares prices for refurbished Apple products is called RefurbMe. We assist users in real-time in locating the best deals on used iPhones, saving them money, time, and effort. 

Testing Procedure: Every merchant has been scrutinized, and we’ve compared the specifics of their testing procedure. At once, compare the testing procedures used by all merchants. 

Guarantee and shipping: Refurbishers listed on RefurbMe offer a warranty of at least 30 days, though most provide a warranty of one year. Compare all refurbishers’ warranties. All of the listed retailers offer free shipping when it comes to shipping.

Additionally, you can set up stock and deal alerts so that you will be notified via email when the phone you’re looking for restocks or drops in price. 

Final Thoughts 

A refurbished phone purchase can be a smooth process. Trying to find deals on the tech you love should take less time. In addition to the locations listed in this article, you can also find refurbished phones in Phone Daddy. 


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