What Is Meant by an iPhone ‘Certified Pre-Owned?

It’s essential to be aware that anyone can sell an outdated device and refer to it as a “refurbished phone” or a “pre-owned phone” if they choose to. Therefore, it’s critical to comprehend the distinction.

Refurbished phones are typically described as having undergone some maintenance. You can set up the device just like a brand-new phone because the previous user’s data has been erased, and the factory settings have typically been restored.

Certified pre-owned (CPO) phones have undergone inspection and are in perfect working condition. Since some smartphones are returned in perfect working condition after only a few days, the term “Certified Pre-Owned” may be more accurate than “used” or “refurbished.” Although these gadgets are unquestionably used and cannot be sold as new, some previous owners may have barely used them.

Where do used and pre-owned phones come from?

It’s a common misconception that all refurbished or used phones were returned due to flaws. While some used devices require repairs, many people return smartphones within the allowed return window simply because they want a different model or color. Other used phones make their way back onto store shelves through trade-ins.

Refurbished phones can be almost the same as brand-new ones, or they could have a lot of dings and scratches. Refurbishment may involve repairs like new internal components, screens, and fixed ports when phones are returned or recycled due to defects. But online stores must thoroughly inspect these smartphones to ensure they function properly before they can be sold as Certified Pre-Owned gadgets.

Each Certified Pre-Owned device is graded based on how well it looks. Below are the various CPO grades offered: 

  • Great CPO Phones: A phone that is in “Great” condition might have a few minor dings and scratches.
  • Very Good CPO Phones: A “Very Good” device will have a few more dings.
  • Good CPO Phones: In addition to minor scratches on the screen, a device in “Good” condition will have more noticeable dings, scratches, or dents on the phone case.

You can get an idea of the quality of their condition by looking at the ratings assigned to all certified pre-owned and refurbished phones sold by carriers or online retailers. Refurbished phones come in various condition grades and are generally safe to use. Additionally, if a device only has minor dings or scratches, you can conceal them with a chic phone case.

How do I know if a pre-owned phone is reliable?

All Certified Pre-Owned devices have undergone Total Quality Inspection, ensuring:

  • The battery is charging, and the battery charge indicator is operational.
  • All ports are fully functional, as are all card slots.
  • Each pixel on display functions appropriately, and the images on the screen are clear and bright.
  • Wi-Fi and other connectivity features are operational.
  • Speakers, microphones, and Bluetooth audio are all functional.
  • All buttons and soft keyboards function correctly.
  • The software is current.

One way to ease worries about a used or refurbished phone is to include a warranty. Total Mobile Protection insurance covers loss, theft, damage, and numerous post-warranty flaws and is also available for Certified Pre-Owned phones. Your credit card might also offer extended protection if you use it to buy a Certified Pre-Owned device.

If having a long battery life is a top priority for you, you can rest easy knowing that the device’s battery health and maximum capacity have been rigorously tested before certification. 

Why would I choose a pre-owned phone over a brand-new one?

Budget is the most straightforward and frequent response. A smartphone that is Certified Pre-Owned and is eligible for our payment plan will frequently sell for much less than a comparable new model. This enables customers to upgrade to a model they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford or to save money if they aren’t that interested in seeing a brand-new phone when it comes in the box. If you weren’t going to purchase a new device for at least a year, purchasing a Certified Pre-Owned model is also a cost-effective way to replace a lost or broken item.

The environmental impact of refurbished phones also appeals to some consumers. In addition to preventing old phones from ending up in landfills, buying a Certified Pre-Owned device helps conserve the energy, water, and other resources needed to produce new devices.

Why not purchase “regular” used phones?

To know what condition your phone is in and how to keep it protected in the event something goes wrong, buying a used phone from a reliable source that verifies for quality and certifies a phone’s pre-owned status is essential. People who are selling their used smartphones online might offer lower prices. But if the phone has technical issues, a lower price might not be a better “deal” or even worse if it turns out to be stolen. You won’t be covered if something goes wrong if you purchase a used phone from an unknown source.

Final Thoughts 

Are you ready to buy a Certified Pre-Owned phone now that you know a little more about them? CPO devices are guaranteed to work correctly and qualify for Total Mobile Protection. It’s a win-win situation: a high-quality product at a lower cost.

Do you want to find the best pre-owned smartphone for your needs? Check out a large selection of refurbished phones available at phone Daddy.


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