Should I Buy an iPhone XS in 2022? 

It’s not as challenging to purchase a cheap iPhone in 2022 as many people believe; you need to go with models from previous years. With Apple, it is simple to suggest an iPhone that is a few years old because they regularly update their products, as is the case with the iPhone XS. In 2022, a product might be offered at an enticing price, but is it worthwhile to purchase? This article discusses why it is still worth buying an iPhone XS in 2022.  

Which year was the iPhone XS released?

On September 12, 2018, the Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park hosted the presentation of the iPhone XS, along with its siblings, the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR. A few days later, on October 26, 2018, the product went on sale. The iPhone XS, which succeeded the iPhone X, promoted itself as a premium example of contained size.

Which model of the iPhone, XS or XR, is preferable?

Even though these two iPhones have many similar features, including the A12 Bionic processor, the iPhone XS stands out thanks to its dual rear cameras and OLED display. The iPhone XR, however, has a larger display and longer battery life. So, both are exciting options.

What will the price of the iPhone XS be in 2022?

It became even impossible to find the new iPhone XS in 2022, especially since Apple stopped selling it as soon as the iPhone 11 range debuted. Even so, it has persisted in being sold in several stores, and in 2022, it can be refurbished at desirable prices. In 2022, prices for the iPhone XS range from 200 to 300 euros, depending on the retailer.

It is a highly recommended device if you can find an iPhone XS for a reasonable price. This iPhone has a large screen, two rear cameras, Face ID, and a very contemporary design. Moreover, it has a powerful processor enabling updates for many years. In this price range, it is an alternative to take into account.

Is the iPhone XS still a good investment in 2022?

In 2022, the iPhone XS will still be a top-notch device. If you like this, we maintain a high-end and modern design with a high-resolution OLED screen and a small footprint for the present. For most users, its dual rear camera is more than sufficient, and you will continue to get updates for at least three years.

Of course, it is a choice to keep in mind if you can find it for a reasonable price, say, around 300 euros, and with a guarantee, as the most intriguing alternatives within the Apple line will cost a little more.

Reasons to purchase an iPhone XS in 2022

We’ve already mentioned that the iPhone XS is a good alternative if we can find it at a reasonable price, and these are the main reasons for your purchase in 2022:

  • You want a low-cost iPhone with Face ID.
  • You place a premium on-screen quality.
  • You want a small smartphone with a lot of features.
  • You don’t need the most recent version, but you do want updates for years to come.

Reasons to avoid purchasing the iPhone XS in 2022

You must also consider that it is a device that was released a few years ago, so there are reasons to think twice and consider other options:

  • First, if you place a high value on cameras, iPhone XS cameras are good, but they have improved significantly in recent years.
  • There are better alternatives if you want an inexhaustible battery.

The best alternatives to the iPhone XS 

If you do not find the iPhone XS at a reasonable price for you or you think the phone’s specifications do not meet your expectations and desires, there are several other alternative phones to the iPhone XS that you can choose from: 

The iPhone XR

An iPhone that shares many similarities with the iPhone XS is better in some areas and worse in others. The iPhone XR has a larger screen and a larger battery, so if that is important to you, it is a good and cheaper alternative.

The iPhone XS Max

In terms of specifications, this alternative is identical, but it has a larger screen and a longer battery life. This raises the price slightly, but it is an aspect to consider, especially if the larger size does not bother you.

The iPhone 11

The next generation is a strong competitor to the iPhone XS, that have improved rear cameras and battery life. The iPhone 11 is still sold new in 2022, so it is significantly more expensive, though you can find a used iPhone 11 for a very reasonable price. 

Final Thoughts 

For those who want an iPhone but don’t want to spend much money, the iPhone XS has held up quite well over time and will likely continue to be a compelling alternative in 2022. Given that it still has a lot of life ahead of it in the form of updates, it is an exciting option for 300 euros and won’t disappoint you. However, if you are still looking for an iPhone XS at a lower price or want another model, this article listed some alternative iPhones to the iPhone XS. You can find refurbished phones at even lower prices if your budget doesn’t allow you to purchase an iPhone.


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