How Can We Check if an iPhone X Is Real or Fake?

Pocket-lint claims that the iPhone X was a revolutionary device many people anticipated. It is still a great device two years later, despite being replaced by newer models. If you can find a good deal, you will be satisfied. Despite its new features and technologies, the iPhone X is still the iPhone you know and love. 

The last thing you want is to be misled into buying a cheap knockoff of the original iPhone X because it is one of the most expensive and high-end flagships. This in-depth guide is for you if you want to learn how to recognize a fake iPhone X.

There are fake iPhone X clones available because the iPhone X is one of the most popular smartphones. iPhone X clones look very similar to real iPhones, and fake manufacturers are always trying to make their copies look as real as possible, but the trick is to be extra careful with the small details every time you buy a new iPhone. 

Also, keep in mind that there is no universal list of indicators to look out for because fakes are produced by various manufacturers who produce and distribute these devices. As a result, use common sense in conjunction with the tips provided below. 

How To Identify A Fake iPhone X

Here is a step-by-step guide that will show you how to tell the difference between a fake and a real iPhone X so you can avoid scams and get your money back: 

Sign 1: Packaging 

Examine the packaging thoroughly, especially if it is taped up, and pay special attention to anything that catches your eye, such as messy packaging, dirt inside the box, poorly written documentation, poorly printed images on the box, or odd writings on the box. Furthermore, check the inside of the box for materials such as foam and bubble wrap, which Apple cannot include.

Sign 2: Package Contents 

Pay special attention to the accessories, such as EarPods or lightning, to a USB charger. The accessories should match all other iPhone X models you’ve seen. If you get faulty accessories or junk that shouldn’t be included in the iPhone X box, it’s almost certainly a fake. Furthermore, fakes usually come in unofficial colors that Apple does not produce, and the phones are usually decorated with funny stickers on the back for some reason.

Sign 3: The Display 

You should watch the edge-to-edge display on the iPhone X, along with the Notch at the top of the screen. Beware of software-generated notches that block out the top portion of the display and give the impression that they are real.

Sign 4: Android Indications 

Most iPhone X devices, if not all, run an Android operating system that has been expertly skinned to look like an Apple device. There are observable indications, particularly during booting, where you will see indications of Android components; if you have ever used an Android device, these indications will be obvious.

Sign 5: Fake Face ID

Because the fake iPhone X cannot replicate the Face ID feature, they have created an ineffective fake imitation. Even if they appear to function, those locks are still insecure because any face can usually open them.

Sign 6: Performance 

Unlike an authentic iPhone X, most fake iPhone X copies are sluggish and slow. The iPhone shouldn’t lag, especially when it’s brand new. All of the information is false when you look at settings, such as storage and the iOS version installed on your device. You can also run a diagnostic test and compare the results to other iPhone X devices to see if your score is off. 

Sign 7: No Siri 

Try starting Siri. Fake iPhone X clones do not have Apple’s assistant installed, so that you may get some strange assistant.

Sign 8: Camera 

The original iPhone X has excellent camera quality, whereas counterfeit models take low-quality photos and videos. Furthermore, key iPhone X camera features such as portrait mode, and optical image stabilization will be missing, and photo and video quality will be lower.

Sign 9: Build Quality

The physical quality of fakes is typically pretty poor; although they may look real, the rear can easily be detached without using special tools, and other design flaws are apparent. You can quickly notice if you can open up your device. The internals will show that this is just a fake.

Sign 10: Red Flags 

As previously stated, the fake iPhone X does not adhere to any universal design philosophy and will attempt to replicate the appearance and feel of the original iPhone X, including gestures and such. As a result, keep an eye out for any unusual physical signs or software, such as the Quality of the Display, bearing in mind that the original iPhone X has a very high-resolution display and more. 

Final Thoughts 

We hope you’ve learned enough about how to spot a fake iPhone X or an iPhone X clone to know what to look for when buying a new iPhone, especially in person. If you want to buy a brand-new or refurbished phone online, only buy from reputable sources to ensure the phone is not fake. 


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