Can I Use My Phone With a Cracked Screen?

You dropped your phone and cracked the screen, but you still intend to use it because you believe it is functional. You should reconsider. In addition to being unsightly, if you keep using the phone, you risk further internal harm to it and danger to yourself. Therefore, the answer is no. Continuing to use it is neither okay nor secure. Let’s examine some risks associated with using a cracked phone to understand better how a damaged screen can harm both your phone and you.

Cracks Spread 

Will a cracked screen get worse after I break my phone’s screen? It is probably the question you’re wondering. Unfortunately, we must inform you that things will get worse. Even if there is only a tiny crack in the corner of your screen, you should be aware that cracks often grow larger, and before you know it, your entire screen may resemble a web of spiders. 

Additionally, a phone with a cracked screen has a much higher chance of breaking when dropped accidentally than a phone without damage. Even a tiny crack could result in a broken screen or other devices, rendering your phone useless, even though it might not initially seem like a big deal.

Touchscreen Malfunction 

Even if your touchscreen continues to function as it has in the past, this will soon change. The touchscreen’s functionality will deteriorate first. When the display eventually malfunctions, your phone will take longer to respond to touch. Accessing apps or sending emails and messages will be challenging as a result. In the worst case, your phone will completely stop responding to touches! Additionally, you might encounter the annoying phenomenon known as “ghost touch”: due to the damage caused by the cracked screen, your phone might start functioning independently without you touching the screen.


You can forget about the fantastic viewing experience smartphones typically offer because a cracked screen makes it more challenging to see what’s on your phone. Instead, you must strain your eyes while reading texts or emails, watching videos, or playing video games to get around the cracks. A cracked screen can be dangerously distracting when using a GPS app while driving and bad for your eyesight. You might lose focus while trying to read instructions on a cracked screen and put yourself and others in danger. 

Your Phone’sPhone’s Inner Parts are Visible 

All of your phone’s internal components are shielded by the screen. When your phone’s screen is cracked, tiny particles can easily enter the cracks and cause harm to the delicate and vital internal components. Dust, dirt, moisture, and water can all find their way inside your phone and eventually do a lot of harm. Additionally, if your phone is water-resistant, you should be aware that this feature is no longer available when your screen has cracks. Even wiping your cracked screen with a damp cloth is dangerous because even a few water droplets inside your phone can cause damage.

Broken Glass Can Hurt You 

Remember that your phone’s screen is made of glass or acrylic when it is cracked. When you swipe on a cracked screen, especially one with severe cracks, you risk cutting your fingers on the sharp edges of broken glass. Additionally, while your phone is in your pocket or purse, sharp glass fragments that could fall off the screen could cut your fingers. Moreover, tiny glass fragments could break off and lodge in your fingers. Also, if you rub your eyes while using a broken phone, glass shards could get into your eyes, which is something you don’t want to happen.

Fixing a Broken Phone Screen

You may have realized (or determined) by this point that you don’t require a new phone. But if the screen of your mobile phone cracked, how would you replace it?

Thanks to the internet, you can find a DIY fix for anything online. Another excellent source for repair tutorials is YouTube. Online retailers like eBay and AliExpress offer replacement screens. A DIY fix has the advantages of lowering repair costs and giving you a sense of accomplishment.

Does Phone Insurance Cover a Cracked Phone Screen?

The first step is to determine whether your phone insurance covers cracked phone screens and, if so, under what conditions.

If this is the case, arranging a repair should be simple. If your phone screen is broken, living without it for a few days is the main issue. 

The issues with cracked smartphone screens begin when you discover that you cannot obtain a replacement screen through your insurance. When this occurs, you must take control of the situation. 

Before buying a used phone, ensure the phone’s insurance includes coverage for a cracked phone screen. 

Put a Screen Protector on a Cracked Screen

Do you want to know if you can put a screen protector on a cracked screen? You certainly can, but only in certain circumstances.

A screen protector is unnecessary for displays with chips and shards of glass that are loose or missing. It will only be able to adhere properly if the glass is moving. As a result, you squandered money on a screen protector.

However, a screen protector over a cracked screen may help keep the glass from cracking further. It could help to prevent further spidering.

Final Thoughts 

To conclude, having a cracked phone screen is not enjoyable, and now you understand that it is never a good idea to ignore a cracked screen because doing so increases the likelihood that your phone will sustain additional damage, which could result in even more costly repairs and hurting you. Ensure your phone is protected before you break, drop, or inadvertently damage it to avoid such an unpleasant situation. Also, before buying a used phone, examine its screen to ensure it is not cracked or damaged. 


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