My Phone Got Wet, and Touch Is Not Working. What Should I Do?

If your phone’s touchscreen is harmed by water, it can be repaired. A touchscreen that is broken is annoying. You will know how to repair a touchscreen that has water damage, though. The touchscreen on the phone is in charge of processing input from outside touches. Water can penetrate the display screen when exposed to rain or a shower. The touchscreen can therefore sustain damage from coming into contact with water.

But don’t worry, it’s explained in the line below how to repair the broken touchscreen. To learn what you need to know right away, read the guides. 

How can you tell if your phone has water damage?

There are a few indicators that your device has suffered water damage:

  • Look behind the screen for any signs of water or evaporation (or dried water markings).
  • Look for visible corrosion at the ports.
  • Be sure to look at the Discolored Liquid Damage Indicator (LDI). The headphone jack, battery compartment, or SIM tray slot are the typical locations for the LDI. The LDI will show up red or maroon if there is water damage to your phone.

Replace the Screen 

The visible component of your phone that is susceptible to water damage is the phone hardware. The touchscreen is a component of the phone’s hardware. If water damages your touchscreen, you should look for a new replacement.

The phone screen is a delicate component that requires the utmost caution when handling. The entire screen of your mobile phone will be impacted if the touchscreen on your phone is water damaged. Without a screen replacement, there is no chance that your touchscreen will function.

How Can I Replace My Screen?

How do you replace a screen if you have made preparations for one? Only a qualified technician can replace your water-damaged touchscreen. To make the replacement durable, you should seek advice from a skilled repairer.

Where can you get a dependable phone repair and warranty? Consult Carlcare Service if your water-damaged phone is a TECNO, Infinix, or itel brand. The official after-sales service provider for TECNO, Infinix and itel users is Carlcare Services. 

What to Do If Your Phone Gets Water Damage

When your phone is harmed by water, you should take several actions. Here are some of the main points you need to watch out for.

Stay away from the water

Your phone gets harder to fix the more water it is exposed to. Be at ease; you can still get your phone’s touchscreen repaired if it has water damage. The phone suffers more damage when it is exposed to water.

The phone’s components corrode when they come into contact with water too often. Corrosion will cause more damage to these components. Avoid getting your phone wet again if it has water damage.

Turn off the Phone 

When your phone has been damaged by water, one of the things you should do is turn it off. Make sure the phone is not turned on if it has water damage. Attempting to use the phone damages other hardware elements.

A liquid in the damaged area of the screen may cause a phone circuit problem. The short circuit will also impact the phone’s internal components. Holding down the power button will turn off your phone if it is on.

When a phone has been damaged by water, it can be challenging to turn it off. However, if the device is on, you should try to turn it off.

Take away all of your attached items.

It’s time to remove your essential tools from your phone if it has water damage. You should keep your Sim card and memory card out of the water-damaged phone. These components may deteriorate or allow water to collect inside the phone.

By unplugging the slot from the phone side, you can take out the items that have been inserted. If water drops on the spots, expose those areas to dry air. To prevent rust, make sure the removed piece is dry as well.

Take the phone’s battery out.

Remove the phone’s battery as soon as you can. The uncontrollable operation on the phone is stopped by turning off the power source. When your phone is water-damaged and you cannot turn it off, you can turn it off by removing the battery.

The majority of iOS and Android phones have built-in batteries. You can only attempt to remove the battery if you have one. A phone technician can extract the battery for you.

Check with a Phone Repair Shop

If you need repairs to your phone, the best action is to speak with a phone repair service. Your water-damaged phone is eligible for various repairs from phone repair services. Although you cannot remove your built-in battery, their store can do it using sophisticated tools.

You wouldn’t need to fix your water-damaged phone in a perfect world. You should speak with a phone repair service to have your phone fixed.

Final Thoughts 

This article explains the main actions you must take when your phone gets wet and you find out your touchscreen doesn’t work. Our guidance here can help you solve your phone’s problems caused by water damage. 

If you want to buy a new phone, but your budget doesn’t afford it, you can purchase a used phone at a reasonable price. 


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