Is 64GB Enough for an iPhone 11?

The 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB versions of the Apple iPhone 11 are available, while the 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB versions are available for the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. The 64GB storage option is the least expensive, so you might wonder if that’s enough for you or if you’d be better off paying for more space. Let’s investigate.

Your Choice of Storage: iCloud or Locally 

Your storage needs, whether local or iCloud, will determine whether you need the iPhone 64 or 128 GB. You have unlimited storage space on iCloud to store and back up as much as you want. You can save and back up your data, including photos, videos, documents, music playlists, applications, iBooks, and anything else you buy from iTunes. You can stream videos and music rather than download them to your iPhone.

iCloud also provides up to 5GB of free storage space, which can be expanded up to 2TB if you so desire. However, you must pay for any increase in storage space. You can easily save your phone’s internal memory and store your videos, iOS backups, photos, files, and any other bulky or not-so-heavy files with the iCloud Drive application.

You can also use alternatives like Google Drive to back up and save your files. You can also use Dropbox and OneDrive because they offer storage and backup and allow you to stream your music, movies, and other media.

How much free space does the iPhone 11 come with?

A smartphone’s operating system and essential apps always eat up some of its storage space right out of the box, so you can only use part of the amount of advertised storage. For instance, if you purchase the 64GB iPhone 11, approximately 7.50GB would be consumed by what the iPhone designates as System storage, leaving you with 56.5GB of usable space.

In contrast, you can anticipate that about 120.5GB of your 128GB iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro will be free, and 248.5GB of your 256GB iPhone 11. You’ll get about 504.5 gigabytes of the 512GB option, which is the highest and most expensive one. 

Although you can remove any pre-installed apps you don’t need; those figures are only partially accurate because they will also use up some storage right out of the box. And while everything mentioned here is expected and applies to Android phones, it’s still a good idea to be aware of it when picking your phone’s storage option.

Will the 64GB iPhone 11 be able to hold all the apps you require?

I currently use a 64GB iPhone 11, and even after downloading all the apps I require and a few extras, I still have more than 46GB available. 64GB should be adequate for you if, like me, you stream your music and content and only need to download apps locally.

However, let’s look at a few well-known apps and see how much storage they would require. Gmail uses about 285MB, 202MB of Google Maps, 190MB of Instagram, 165MB of Netflix, 151MB of Google Calendar, 119MB of Skype, 91MB of Discord, and 73MB of SoundCloud.

You won’t use up even the base storage option for the iPhone 11 by downloading apps, as all of those apps together only take up 1.27GB, and the majority of other social media apps you might want average between 100 and 350MB. 

Let’s include some heavy hitters: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is 2.1GB, Pub G Mobile is 2.43GB, Call of Duty: Mobile is about 2.64GB, and Max Payne Mobile is 1.8 GB. All of those games require about 9GB of storage. Including the previously mentioned apps, our total storage space is 10.27GB. 

Even so, there is still plenty of room left over on the 64GB base model of the iPhone 11 for additional games and apps if you choose. 

How many pictures and videos can I take before I use up all the space on my 64GB iPhone 11?

The iPhone 11 automatically records video at 1080p HD and 30 frames per second (FPS). Consequently, each minute of recorded video uses about 60MB of storage space. For the base iPhone 11 storage option to be fully utilized, 15.5 hours of recording clips will be required. So even if you frequently record clips, if you stick to the default video recording settings, 64GB of storage should be more than enough.

However, a minute of filming in 4K at 60FPS uses up 400MB of storage, so you’ll fill up the phone by taking videos that last about 2.3 hours. You won’t likely ever have to worry about photos taking up space on your iPhone 11, Pro, or Max. Even on the lowest 64GB storage option, you can fit thousands of photos.

For all of your apps, countless hours of recorded video, and tens of thousands of photos, the 64GB iPhone 11/Pro/Max is more than enough. If you want to record 4K videos and download lots of music, games, and movies to your phone, you should consider a higher storage option. Those can quickly fill up 64GB. A 64GB iPhone 11 will work well for you if you stream everything you watch and listen to and only play a few sizable games. 

If you use your iPhone for everything, from work to entertainment, you should give the 128GB and 256GB iPhone 11/Pro/Max storage options some thought. If you’re unsure whether 64GB will hold all the games you want to play, movies and TV shows you want to download and watch offline, or your music collection, if it’s a sizable one, you’ll be better off with one of those storage options.

For most people, the 512GB iPhone 11 Pro / Max storage option is unnecessary and overkill. But if you want everything on your phone, including your music, movies, TV shows, and games, this is your storage choice. The best option is 512GB if you want to play all of your favorite games on your device or want to continuously record in 4K 60FPS without worrying about storage.


As mentioned in this article, to choose storage for your iPhone 11, first, you should identify which activities your phone will be using. The 64GB iPhone 11 is more than enough for different apps, videos, and pictures. If you are planning to buy a used iPhone with 64GB, ensure that all the previous data is erased before you purchase it.


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