Can an iPhone 11 Pro Max With Water Damage Be Repaired?

When the worst happens and our iPhone falls into a toilet or a puddle, or we spill some fluids on our phone, we panic and try to save it by placing it in rice or leaving it in an open cupboard for several days.

In general, the rice method is an urban legend. It’s a scary story passed down from generation to generation, and this solution killed more devices than all possible water faults. Most people would agree that rice absorbs liquids quickly, but its hygroscopic property is insufficient to compensate for the proper treatment that can save an iPhone from a slow and painful death.

If you have a water-damaged iPhone 11 Pro Max, you don’t have to buy another; pay to have it repaired. So, don’t panic; schedule your repair as soon as possible, as time is working against you and your water-damaged iPhone. Please do not waste time and send it to an expert for professional iPhone 11 Pro Max water damage repair, regardless of its shape after the moist accident. 

Nearby iPhone 11 Pro Max water damage repair

When your iPhone gets wet and stops working, you start thinking about who can save your phone and look for an iPhone 11 Pro Max water damage near you on some websites. Unfortunately, most mobile phone companies or shops cannot perform this repair due to a lack of professional experience and knowledge. They can assist you with basic repairs such as a screen or battery replacement.

Basic repairs may solve the problem for a short time, significantly if the mentioned components are harmed by moisture; however, if the most crucial culprit of all problems- some moisture- is not removed from the device, then all of the efforts and money spent on attempting to heal the device are pointless. That is the truth.

Only a professional water damage repair service can help you restore your device to its original condition, including all of your data.

Phone repair shop technicians understand how to resolve the issue. They spent many years determining the most efficient methods and keys that could be used effectively. Furthermore, they know how to repair handsets with water deep inside and handsets that have been poured coke, coffee, tea, all fancy drinks, or just wee. According to the clients’ statements, more than 80% of water-damaged handsets suffer from falling into a toilet. 

The most common symptoms of the iPhone 11 Pro Max water damage

In most cases, we can be sure that our mobiles contain fluids. If the iPhone is submerged in water or other liquids, we react quickly because we know what happened to our iPhones. The reasons why our phones stopped working properly are only sometimes obvious.

If the phone stops working correctly, we begin to wonder what might happen, and we recall that not long ago, we got our iPhone slightly soaked when we kept it in a wet pocket after rain. When it was raining, we could talk on the phone. There is no end to the number of dangerous situations. Even a single drop of liquid can cause serious problems in a mobile device.

You might not even realize your phone has water damage, but a few telltale signs should alert you and prompt you to seek professional assistance.

One of the most noticeable signs of liquid damage is an entirely black screen, particularly in iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 11, and iPhone XS models. All new technology glasses, such as OLED, turn dark when they come into contact with water. This appearance is due to the organic compound used in OLEDs. While you may see white spots on the display, black points, or shadiness from both or one side, the OLED stops responding.

Even if the screen has stopped responding or is black after a liquid accident, you can still feel the phone is working and hear ringtones, alerts, or vibrations. If you can hear a sound from your phone, that’s great; it means it only needs fluid damage treatment as soon as possible. It should be processed immediately to keep the iPhone 11 Pro Max water damage repair cost within your budget.

Your device may also refuse to charge or enter restore mode – you will quickly notice that the screen is very dark and displays the Apple logo or computer symbol on a completely black background. This occurs as a result of developing electrical shock caused by water-damaged parts. It could be just one of them, or it could be a slew of them.

You should be aware that most attempts to repair a liquid-damaged iPhone result in a destroyed device. Without a doubt, no one wants his phone to be destroyed, so it would be far more beneficial for you if you leave it to the professionals. 

Finally, it would help if you acted quickly to avoid the exorbitant cost of a liquid-damaged phone. Leave the rice in the kitchen, don’t warm up your phone on the radiator, and don’t use a hairdryer to dry your phone. Please remember that the cost of repairing a water-damaged iPhone 11 Pro Max is determined by your reaction and the total number of wrecking, which may increase if you procrastinate.

So, please don’t put it off any longer. Place an order for the iPhone 11 Pro Max water damage repair to save your iPhone and your valuable data.

Final Thoughts 

To conclude, you can pay to have your water-damaged iPhone 11 Pro Max repaired rather than purchasing a new one. So instead of freaking out, schedule your repair as soon as possible because time is running out for your iPhone with water damage. No matter how it looks after the wet accident, send the iPhone 11 Pro Max to a professional for professional water damage repair without wasting any time. But if your phone will not get repaired and you want to buy a budget-friendly phone, a used phone is an excellent option at a reasonable price. 


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