Is It Worth Buying a Used iPhone 12 in 2022?

We have been promised new tricks, more shiny features, and above all, unmatched performance every year due to years of fierce competition between Apple and Google with the occasional disruption by Microsoft. Have smartphones reached their peak as we approach the 15th year of the smartphone revolution? Have the major players like Apple, Samsung, Qualcomm, and Google included all the essential features in smartphones?

Is it worthwhile to purchase a used iPhone 12, an Apple “basic” smartphone released in 2022? Continue reading to find out why you might think about buying a used iPhone 12, even a year after the release of the iPhone 13 and 14.

Why iPhone 12?

Because of the widespread disruption caused by the pandemic, Apple decided to delay the release of the iPhone 12 until October 2021 rather than its expected September date. The A14 Bionic chip and MagSafe connector were first introduced in the iPhone 12, which also has the A14 chip.

Comparing the iPhone 12 to the iPhone 13 

The iPhone 13 is one of the most recent basic iPhone models available as of June and September 2022. We compare the iPhone 12 to the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14: 

  • Performance 

Although the updated A15 Bionic SOC is present in the newer iPhone 13, performance-wise, it does not represent the generational leap that we saw in the first iPhone models. Since the A15 Bionic has an optional fifth core for graphics, it performs similarly to the A14 Bionic SOC found in the iPhone 12 in almost all performance metrics.

The iPhone 12 can handle anything you throw, barring mobile gaming. The A14 and A15 are so powerful for regular non-3D use. Therefore, purchasing a used iPhone 12 won’t prevent you from experiencing any speed upgrades if you don’t use your iPhone for gaming.

  • Camera 

Although the iPhone 13 has a larger, more sensitive camera sensor, the iPhone 12’s camera is still very advanced. In the smartphone industry, iPhone cameras are widely regarded as the best. A used iPhone 12 will capture high-quality images and videos while costing less than new iPhones.

The best photos taken with an iPhone are featured in a long-running competition known as the IPPAwards or iPhone Photos Awards (or iPads). The 2021 champion uses an… 2017 saw the release of the iPhone X. Don’t worry too much about it; whether you shoot with a used iPhone 12 or an even older model, your iPhone’s camera will produce beautiful pictures. Attempt that.

The iPhone 12 also debuted in night mode, another practical feature. The iPhone intelligently extends the shutter when it senses that the light level outside is low so that you can take stunning photos even when it is dark outside. You can take a photo of a starry night using a tripod holder.

  • Other Features 

Additionally, the iPhone 12 debuted with a few brand-new features that are incredibly helpful. For instance, MagSafe, which is Qi-compatible, adds a magnetic ring around the charging port for better alignment, allowing it to charge much more quickly. As a result of the fact that the majority of us still use the charging brick we received with our previous two iPhones, it is also the first iPhone that does not include any EarPods or a charging cable. This will help to cut down on needless e-waste. Consider going one step further and buying a used iPhone to help the environment.

  • Experience 

It is simple to transition from one generation to a newer generation thanks to Apple’s excellent user experience design. The overall experience is the same, even if a few years of product updates are skipped. In other words, you will feel right at home whether you choose an iPhone 4, an iPhone 12, or even the new iPhone 14.

Despite the hype surrounding every new iPhone model, most product updates in recent years have been relatively small. The images on the new iPhone will be better, you might be able to zoom in a little closer, or things will move a little more quickly. However, if you only travel at a speed of under 60 mph, most people can only tell the difference between two vehicles. The same is true for the iPhone; if you do not use your phone to its full potential, there is not much of a performance difference between iPhone 11, 12, 13, and 14. Although the major players in the industry keep raising the bar for smartphones, most consumers find that it is already very high.

  • Support 

One of the primary benefits of the iPhone is its support. Only current Android devices guarantee four to five years of security updates. Still, Apple managed to provide OS updates for the 2015-released iPhone 6s up until 2021, and who knows how long security updates last. This is so because Apple, from the chips to the software, essentially controls the entire technology stack of the iPhone.

Furthermore, you can anticipate that Apple will have support through 2030 with its M1 chip, which is based on the A14 chip that powers the iPhone 12.

Where To Buy?

Thus, it has been proven that purchasing a used iPhone 12 in 2022 is a good idea. How do you get one is the next question. Phone Daddy is a marketplace for refurbished electronics where you can find used and refurbished phones at reasonable prices. Every used iPhone 12 for sale has undergone expert refurbishment and testing on this website. You can find a phone that fits your budget. You can buy confidently because every seller on the marketplace has undergone a quality screening process. 


If you plan to buy a used iPhone because you want to save money but need help deciding which one to buy, this article explains why you should buy a used iPhone 12. The information we provided will help you to choose which used phone to buy. 


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