Is It OK To Use Your Phone While Charging?

One of the most crucial components of our smartphones is the battery. Since the phone cannot function without a battery, many people must use their phones while charging. However, the battery can occasionally present a threat as well. If it is short-lived, it may significantly limit your use of the phone. 

Many advise against using the phone while charging or leaving it connected to the charger at night. Is this dangerous, given the accidents involving smartphone explosions and some other myths and rumors circulating about the phone battery? Below is a detailed explanation of this.

Can you use the phone while it’s charging?

Most smartphone manufacturers advise against using the phone while charging if you use a charger that is not the original because it could cause the phone to overheat and cause other issues. However, modern smartphones, including brand-new and used phones, are already designed to make them suitable for use while charging by providing appropriate protection for the battery and preventing the phone from overheating.

What are the disadvantages of using the phone while charging?

The following are some unfavorable consequences that could arise from using the phone while it is charging in an inappropriate setting, whether these harms are related to the phone’s hardware and battery or have an effect on people’s health as a result of the constant notifications that the phone emits:

  • Of course, using a phone while it is charging will significantly slow down the charging process because smartphone chargers use constant electrical current to provide power to the phone. When you use the phone while it is charging, most of the energy going to the phone will be used in the operating processes rather than Because the battery is preserved, charging the phone takes a bit longer.
  • Using the phone while it is charging can also cause damage to the device due to its high temperature, which is especially common now that summers are so hot. The phone’s temperature generally rises while using different games and applications, but if you use your phone while it is charging, this heat may increase by two times. This impacts your phone’s electrical circuits and microchips; over time, these components may become damaged and malfunction.
  • It is also essential to keep in mind that charging your phone in the car may be riskier. This is especially true if your phone is constantly exposed to the sun, which doubles the heat produced by the device. If this happens, you may see an overheating warning notice instructing you to stop charging your phone until the temperature drops.
  • Damage to the cable or charging port in the phone is one of the other issues that could arise from using the phone while it is charging. This is common among gamers as the speaker or charging port in the phone is damaged due to hard pressing and moving it while using powerful games. The charging cable itself can be damaged due to pulling and tightening it while using the phone. 

Is it good to switch off the phone while charging?

Yes, it is wise to turn the phone off while charging. It is always a good idea, especially since your device can take a break after a long workday because humans also require time to unwind. You can maintain and improve battery health by turning off your phone while charging. Additionally, the CPU of your device won’t overheat while charging. Your phone will charge faster if you turn it off because there won’t be any background apps.

How safely use the phone while it’s charging?

In addition to the damages mentioned above, using a phone while charging has some unfavorable effects that could harm your health. For instance, the radiation from the phone, especially when charging, can cause long-term brain or heart problems, so it is best to avoid using a phone while it is charging. The most crucial advice for preventing these damages is always to use an original charger rather than a replica or cheap charger, which can seriously harm your phone and worsen the battery’s condition.

You should also avoid making calls or putting the phone near your ears while charging. These behaviors are all bad and can lead to a lot of issues in the future. You should also avoid leaving the phone near you at night if it is connected to the charger.

Can I use my phone while charging my power bank?

Using your phone while a power bank is charging is acceptable. You run the risk of damaging your battery if you do it frequently. As was already mentioned, using your phone while being charged by a power bank will negatively affect its battery. Additionally, you risk damaging your charging port and charger cord because you would be touching the cord frequently while using the phone or unintentionally pulling on it.

If you use a power bank of poor quality or incorrect voltage, your battery may also become damaged. You can use a power bank to charge your phone if you absolutely must, but you shouldn’t.

Final Thoughts 

Concerning the explosion of the phone during charging, there is no need to worry about this. This has become a thing of the past, and it is very rare for such a thing to happen in modern phones, but the worst that could happen is battery swelling, slow charging, or poor phone performance. It is still a good idea to only use the phone a little while charging except for essential and straightforward tasks like surfing the internet. It is essential to check the battery’s health if you are planning to buy a used phone


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