Cyber Monday Phone Deals 

This page is essential if you’re already planning to purchase a phone when Cyber Monday sales start on November 28. This article contains the best advice for finding the best deal, memories of last year’s Cyber Monday sales, and—most importantly—predictions for the Cyber Monday phone sales of 2022.

Is It a Good Idea To Purchase a Phone on Cyber Monday?

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your carrier device or are just looking for a cheap unlocked phone, Cyber Monday should offer fantastic savings on both.

All the major networks will provide the following:

  • Slightly better switching incentives.
  • Trade-in terms.
  • Possibly even buy-one-get-one-free bundles for carrier devices.

Particularly for Android flagships, unlocked devices will likely offer some of the most significant upfront savings of the entire year.

Which Phones Will Be on Sale for Cyber Monday?

On Cyber Monday, recent models like the Samsung Galaxy S22, Google Pixel 7, and even the iPhone 14 should have decent sales. Finding pure discounts on some models might take a lot of work. In particular, iPhones rarely offer upfront discounts per se; instead, they only offer significant trade-in options through the carriers.

On the other hand, Amazon and other top retailers may offer significant discounts on unlocked Android devices. 

Should You Wait For a Cyber Monday Deal? 

It is observed that there is an exponential increase in the quality and quantity of Black Friday phone deals in the week or two preceding Cyber Monday. By Thanksgiving rolls around, some fantastic discounts and deals will already be in effect.

The best deals on Black Friday typically don’t get better over the weekend or into Monday in the mobile industry. With some exceptions (like Verizon), it’s relatively uncommon for companies to drop specific Cyber Monday cell phone deals, so if you don’t see the same deal you were hoping for on Friday, there’s probably no point in sitting on your hands in the hope that something better will materialize.

However, it’s also unusual for carriers and networks to discontinue their best deals once the clock strikes midnight on Black Friday—particularly in 2021. It is, therefore, unlikely that the best deals will disappear if you decide to wait it out and see what comes up.

Just be sure to click the “buy” button before Cyber Monday ends because many deals will be gone by Tuesday, November 29, which rolls around.

Who Will Offer The Best Phone Deals on Cyber Monday?

As soon as they become available, you can find all the top Cyber Monday cell phone deals on this page. However, you prefer to go alone and bookmark a few pages in advance. In that case, the following carriers and merchants are those we anticipate will provide the best offers in November:

Carrier devices 

  • Verizon 
  • AT&T
  • Best Buy 
  • Walmart 
  • Mint Mobile 

Unlocked devices 

  • Amazon 
  • Best Buy
  • Apple 
  • Samsung

Tips For Buying a Phone on Cyber Monday Deal 

  1. Do Advance Model Research

You don’t want to still think over which phone you want to purchase by the time Black Friday and Cyber Monday arrive. Reduce the list to a thorough shortlist.

iPhone or Android; a 2022 model or an earlier one. Examine a cell phone’s features, size, camera quality, and any other factors that are important to you.

  1. Look Out For Deal Types 

It pays to be organized, just like the tip mentioned above. We advise you to think about the deal you want immediately. The big carriers in the US frequently offer BOGO deals, which is convenient if friends or family members are also looking for a new phone. Consider the possibility of a trade-in if your current smartphone is still in good working order to save hundreds or even over $1,000.

  1. Ask If It Worth The Risk

As we’ve already mentioned, it’s not typical for a flurry of brand-new, mind-blowing phone deals to launch on Cyber Monday. So rather than playing the waiting game, we advise buying whatever you like while supplies last if you see it on Black Friday or during the sales weekend.

Last Year’s Best Cyber Monday Cell Phone Deals In The US 

Here are the best Cyber Monday phone deals from last year’s event in the US.

Apple iPhone 13: At Verizon, there are currently not one, but two incredible offers for the iPhone 13. First, new and existing customers can trade in an eligible unlimited data plan for up to $800. As a welcome bonus, you’ll also receive an additional gift card worth up to $1000. 

Apple iPhone 13 Pro: Visible might be your best option if you want a little extra with your iPhone 13 Pro. All new customers will receive a complimentary pair of Apple AirPods Pro, and if you decide to switch to Visible, you’ll also receive a $100 gift card that can be used at a wide variety of merchants. 

Apple iPhone 11: The best trade-in program for the iPhone 11 is currently offered directly by Apple, which gives eligible trade-ins a free device. Of course, given how reasonably priced the device is, even cheaper smartphone trade-ins will help you save money on it.

Apple iPhone 12: You don’t need to trade in your old phone to take advantage of AT&T’s great savings on the iPhone 12. The carrier will reduce your monthly device installment by a full $5 when you choose a device with a new line and an unlimited data plan. This is an excellent little price cut that’s good if you don’t happen to have a good phone to trade in. It represents a $180 price reduction throughout a 36-month plan. Take note that the 12 Mini is also eligible for discounts.

Final Thoughts 

As mentioned, 2022 Cyber Monday will take place on November 28. It’s one of the best times of the year to buy a phone with great deals. Cyber Monday deals on smartphones of all types will be available this year, from Cyber Monday iPhone deals to Cyber Monday android phone deals. Read this article to choose the best Cyber Monday phone deals available.  


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