How Can You Change the IMEI of an iPhone?

An IMEI number is present on every phone that a user purchases. International Mobile Equipment Identity is what IMEI stands for. The purpose of the IMEI number is to identify each phone uniquely. iPhones have a single IMEI number. If a user misplaces their phone, the IMEI number can be used to locate it. Because of this, Apple tries to make it impossible to modify an iPhone’s IMEI number.      

There are a few options for changing the IMEI number of a phone once the cellular network has detected it. People can do a few things to alter the IMEI number, but it’s crucial to realize there is no way to do so permanently for an iPhone. An iPhone’s IMEI number can only be modified for a brief period.

Learn how to change the iPhone’s IMEI number

The IMEI number can be changed, but there are a few advantages. The risks of trying this are considerable. The phone will stop working if the user changes the IMEI number of their iPhone to the same IMEI number as another phone. Therefore, checking the IMEI number before buying a used phone is important to ensure the device is unlocked and you can access all its features. Furthermore, if one changes their IMEI number, they may also cross legal boundaries. The iPhone’s warranty will also expire if the IMEI number is changed. Therefore, when looking to change the IMEI number on the iPhone, one should balance the reasons that could apply against the issues. 

iPhones must first be jailbroken to change their IMEI numbers. With jailbreaking your iPhone, it is possible to complete the steps in the article. Therefore, understanding iPhone jailbreaking is crucial. These are the procedures to modify an iPhone’s IMEI number after you have done that.

How to Change an iPhone’s IMEI Number?

Method #1 

  1. It would be best if you first ascertained the most recent IMEI of your iPhone. This process is straightforward to follow. To dial *#06#, the user must open their iPhone’s dialer. The user can obtain their iPhone’s most recent IMEI number by dialing this code.
  2. To continue, you must now switch to your desktop or laptop computer after getting the IMEI number of your iPhone.
  3. Download the “Ziphone” PC tool to your computer or laptop. Get the computer program.
  4. The following action is to launch recovery mode on your iPhone. Press the Power and Home buttons at the same time to do this. Till the Apple Logo appears on the screen, keep pressing. Release the Home button at once when this occurs. As a result, the wire will appear directly beneath the iTunes logo when it appears on the screen.
  5. Attach your iPhone to your computer while it is in this mode.
  6. Open the Ziphone folder on your computer, then right-click. Choose “Start Command Prompt Here” from the menu.
  7. Type “ZiPhone” into the Command Prompt window.
  8. Next, enter “ziphone -u -I IMEI Number” (instead of “IMEI Number,” enter the new IMEI number you want for your iPhone).
  9. After typing this, give the ZiPhone 3–4 minutes to finish the process. After that, reboot your phone to finish the procedure.
  10. To check the new IMEI number of your phone, enter *#06# in the dialer on your iPhone.

This is one of the most widely used techniques for temporarily changing an iPhone’s IMEI number. But once more, if you want to ensure the process with the ZiPhone runs smoothly, remember to jailbreak your iPhone. 

Additionally, there is a less common and less efficient method of updating the iPhone’s IMEI number without jailbreaking the device. The procedures are as follows.

Method #2 

  1. To change the IMEI number on iPhones, follow steps 4 and 5 from Method #1. You’ll be able to access the recovery mode on your iPhone.
  2. On your computer, download the ZiPhone GUI application tool.
  3. Launch the computer’s ZiPhone GUI program.
  4. Access the application’s Advanced Features Window.
  5. Locate the “Fake IMEI” option and select it.
  6. Next, enter the new IMEI number that you want to use.
  7. To change the iPhone’s IMEI number, tap “Perform Action.”

Users of Method #2 do not need to jailbreak their iPhones, but this method could be more efficient. Therefore, it is preferable to jailbreak your iPhone before using Method #1 to change the IMEI on iPhones. However, users must be aware that altering the IMEI number may result in several issues with their iPhones. These issues may prevent the phone from functioning or make the iPhone susceptible to data breaches. In some cases, doing so is even forbidden. Therefore, users should only attempt to change their iPhone’s IMEI number after carefully considering it.

Final Thoughts 

Hopefully, you all enjoy and find value in this article, and it helped you to learn how to change your iPhone’s IMEI using one of the two methods mentioned above. A used iPhone can be an excellent option if you want to buy an iPhone, but your budget only allows you.


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