Should I Repair My Screen or Buy a New One?

The choice between getting the screen repaired and buying a new phone should be carefully considered before being made. It is common knowledge that using a broken device is inconvenient, and most of us have experienced this at some point. Therefore, deciding whether to purchase a new smartphone or shell out money for a screen repair service requires careful consideration of the circumstances.

Asking for advice from mobile device experts can produce a variety of conflicting responses, which only makes the situation worse. So, to make this process easier for you, here are a few crucial points.

Purchase VS. Repair: Common Dilemma 

You can choose to replace a broken screen on your smartphone or repair it. Unfortunately, there is a more complex solution. Most of the time, it makes more sense to fix your current smartphone so you can keep using it.

Be mindful of the price and turnaround time for repairs and the current market value of your malfunctioning smartphone. Making the appropriate choice for your circumstances can be aided by such information. It is recommended to everyone debating this choice to go with smartphone screen repair because, in the vast majority of cases, it’s a great option.

Why Repair Is Better Than Buying A New Phone?

Here are a few reasons you should fix your phone rather than buy a new one.

  1. Saves Money

Purchasing a new phone can drain your bank account. The old phone can still be used even though it might have a different feature. Buying a new phone is significantly more expensive than repairing your current one, regardless of the manufacturer. It is best to repair the phone if it has a cracked screen or other damage. But if you still want to buy a phone instead of repairing it, you can at least purchase a used phone at a lower price than a brand-new one. 

  1. Saves Time

Repairing a phone takes much less time than choosing and purchasing a new phone, whether you need an iPad Pro 11 screen replacement, a Note 9 screen replacement, or a screen for any other model. All you have to do to get the device back in working order is drop it off for repair. You can utilize an express service to repair your phone immediately.

  1. Utilize The Warranty

Most companies include a warranty with the sale of their smartphones, including used phones. Repair your phone for free if it still has a valid warranty. But remember that warranties do not cover harm brought on by what businesses refer to as “abuse or neglect.” As previously stated, fixing your old phone is typically much less expensive than purchasing a new one.

  1. Get The Most Out Of Your Money

Be mindful of your spending. For example, you expect your newly purchased car to last a long time. However, if it breaks, you repair it in order to get the most value out of it. Repair your phone when it breaks to get the most out of it.

  1. Data Preservation

All the data is on your smartphone, and you might need a backup. Data retrieval is possible, but only with a backup. If you don’t have a backup, you risk losing your data if your device is lost. The data transfer will take some time, even if you have a backup. If you are unsure how to proceed, you will need assistance. However, is the transfer time effective? Time is limited, and you have a choice.

  1. You Won’t Need To Learn New Technology

If you purchase a new handset to replace your broken one, you will most likely do so. Because technology is evolving quickly, new phones with cutting-edge features are being released daily. The phone may have features you have never used before, which may take some time to become functional. There are no new features or functions with repairing. You can carry on using your phone the same way you always have.

When Should I Replace My Phone? 

The decision to buy a new smartphone can frequently turn out to be an expensive one. Nevertheless, keeping this in mind, there are a few circumstances in which changing your device might seem like the best course of action.

If it is a couple of generations old, your smartphone may be worth less than what it would cost to fix the screen. In this situation, consider selling it as is and buying a brand-new, cutting-edge device. Similarly, buying an updated smartphone is a quick solution if you immediately require a fully functional phone. However, if none of those mentioned earlier scenarios apply to your circumstance, a new smartphone screen is the best option.


It isn’t easy to decide whether to repair or replace your device. But ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether to purchase a new phone or repair your current one. There is no one correct answer, but in most situations, it is preferable to repair the current smartphone so that you can keep using it. It is more effective and cost-effective to repair your device. However, if you still want to buy a new phone but your budget doesn’t allow it, you can purchase a used phone at a reasonable price. 


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