How Do I Check If An iPhone Has Been Used Before?

It’s critical to understand whether an iPhone is a new or used model. A used iPhone should have a few specific features. First, check if the serial number is valid and hasn’t been changed or refurbished. A resealed screen is one example of a sign of tampering. These indicators suggest that the iPhone is a used model.

Finding the serial number is one way to tell if an iPhone is brand-new. This number can provide information about the original model, the model’s name, and whether the item is still covered by warranty. You can use it to determine whether the iPhone has previously undergone repairs. Finding a trustworthy service provider is crucial because parts may need to be genuine after several owners. If you have trouble finding the serial number, try looking it up on the Apple Discussion forum. 

By looking up the model number of the iPhone you intend to purchase, you can also determine whether it is a new or refurbished model. The first digit of this number is “F.” Therefore, it is probably a refurbished device if it begins with “FQCL2LL/A.” Otherwise, it is a brand-new iPhone if the model number begins with “MG4C2MZ/A.” For instance, if your iPhone XS is marked with an M, it is a brand-new phone, but if there is an F, you should know that it is a used iPhone XS

How Can I Determine If My iPhone Has Been Used?

There are a few ways to find out an iPhone’s history if you’re curious about whether it’s been used. You can look up the model number in Settings > General > About. A brand-new iPhone has a model number that begins with an M, while Apple refurbished one that begins with an F. If you’re still unsure, try reaching out to the previous owner and finding out how they liked the phone.

If an iPhone is missing or damaged, that is another indication that it has been opened. Due to the lack of adhesives in older models, this is especially prevalent. Check the inside of the device for dust or scratch marks, which are indications of tampering. While this damage is evident to trained eyes, it might be challenging to spot with an untrained eye. You can also see if the iPhone has been opened from the inside and if it needs to be repaired.

The phone should be visually inspected. Verify the battery’s functionality and whether it is still fully charged. The USB port and the earphones should both be examined. You can listen to an audio file if the earphones are functional. The USB port should also function properly. You can proceed to the following step if it isn’t.

The device might be a used one if it doesn’t have a seal when it is purchased. By entering the IMEI code in the phone’s settings menu, you can verify this. You can also tell whether it’s new or used by looking at the warranty status. The warranty should be considered a significant consideration when purchasing a used phone.

How Do I Know The Original iPhone Model?

The first iPhone was released in 2007, and a lot has changed. One thing, though, never changes: each model has a unique “A” model number. This “A” number is printed on the back of older iPhone models. This information is off the back of more recent iPhone models. If you can’t find the “A” number anywhere else, you can find it on your iPhone’s screen.

If you’re unsure, there are several ways to determine if your iPhone is a genuine Apple product. Checking the serial number is one of the simplest ways to confirm its authenticity. The iPhone is probably a clone if it lacks this number. Simply dial *#06# on the iPhone to check the serial number. Check the model number on Apple’s website if something else is needed. A matching serial number indicates that a product is an authentic Apple one.

Examining the packaging of an iPhone is another way to confirm that it is a genuine Apple product. The box itself might be a clue that it’s a copy. Before purchasing, make sure to give it a thorough inspection. Ensure the iPhone has all the accessories and no chips or cracks. The packaging is most likely fake if it needs to be neat and unwrapped. Unless you are confident you can trust the seller, you should avoid buying fake iPhones.

Are Apple Replacement Devices New 

It would help if you determined whether the iPhone you want to replace is brand-new or used. Rem remanufactured devices are marked with an F, whereas new devices are marked with an M. For example, your iPhone XS marked with F is a used iPhone XS. Apple has certified refurbished products, and they might also have special characters. You can use the model number found on the iPhone and iPad boxes to determine whether the replacement device is brand-new or used.

Refurbished equipment has a new chassis and batteries. They frequently cost up to 15% less than new products and are eligible for AppleCare’s extended warranties. A customer may have returned these gadgets, but they most likely needed to be fixed. The replacement iPhones, in some cases, were assembled from salvaged components of other iPhones or were defective. They are significantly less expensive than brand-new ones, but you must be aware of the possibility of purchasing a flawed one.


Use the above mentioned ways to identify if your iPhone is brand-new or used. However, if you cannot identify using these guides, you can ask your mobile carriers if your iPhone is used. Brand-new phones are excellent, but if your budget doesn’t afford them, a used iPhone can be an excellent choice for you. 


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