How Is The Quality Of The Refurbished Apple iPhone?

Some people interpret the term “refurbished” as a used device fixed up and sold at a discount. There is occasionally concern about whether they will receive a product with cosmetic or even functional damage. Many companies don’t have strict quality control programs for refurbished goods, which leads to a stigma against buying refurbished electronics, but Apple does. Apple’s refurbished products, offered from its online store, are “as good as new” products but come with a lower price tag than those sold by other companies.

This article explicitly examines the Apple refurbished iPhone’s physical appearance and functionality, including its cameras and battery. 

What Does Refurbished iPhone Mean? 

A refurbished iPhone is an iPhone that has been renovated and, if necessary, repaired so it can be sold to a new owner, typically at a reduced price.

The quality of the renovation or refurbishment is one of the biggest unknowns when purchasing a refurbished item. Apple’s refurbishment quality is very high, as seen in the case of its refurbished iPhone store.

Apple’s Refurbished iPhone Quality 

Everything you touch when using an Apple refurbished iPhone is brand new. You will receive a thoroughly cleaned and examined refurbished device with genuine Apple replacement parts (as needed). New batteries and outer casings are included with refurbished iOS devices. Each device will include all necessary cables, add-ons, and operating systems. All Apple Certified Refurbished products are sent to you with free shipping and returns and come packaged in a brand-new white box. 

The back glass, screen, metal frame, and battery are all parts that Apple replaces almost entirely. The logic board houses the processor and other necessary hardware for the phone to function, and the camera module is the only previously owned original part in refurbished iPhones.

The refurbished iPhone from Apple is shipped in a plain cardboard box. A white iPhone box is securely fastened inside the shipping container when the package is opened. The iPhone box is all white and says “Apple Certified Pre-Owned” toward the bottom, in contrast to purchasing a brand-new device. Apple presents its refurbished iPhones in the same box as brand-new ones. You can easily peel off the plastic wrapping that covers the front and back.

Apple claims to replace the entire “outer shell” of used iPhones, including the metal frame, back, and front. 

The only original components are the logic board inside, which houses the processor and other hardware, and the camera module. The metal frame has no dents or scratches at all. The charger, charging cable, and wired EarPods are all brand-new accessories. If you purchase a refurbished iPhone, you will still receive Apple stickers. The battery is fully charged, indicating that it is a new battery.

Every Apple Certified Refurbished product, including refurbished iPhone, comes with Apple’s standard one-year limited warranty, which supports the company’s commitment to quality.

Should You Buy A Refurbished iPhone From Apple?

When using one of Apple’s refurbished iPhones, you hardly ever notice that it was once someone else’s phone because they are in such excellent condition. There is a 14-day return policy, and the standard one-year warranty is also included with refurbished iPhones from Apple.

We don’t outright advise purchasing any refurbished iPhone you see in Apple’s refurbished store just because it’s on sale. For example, you can buy a refurbished iPhone 12, a newer phone with a faster processor, better cameras, and less expensive.  The savings on refurbished iPhones aren’t particularly significant. The savings you receive for the refurbished iPhones is what you would anticipate for a new unit of a previous generation. By giving Apple your old phone in exchange, you can increase the value of the discount.

The main disadvantage of purchasing a refurbished iPhone from Apple is that there is a finite supply and that the best models, like the iPhone 11, always sell out quickly. Additionally, you’ll find reconditioned models with more storage space, such as 256GB instead of 64GB. It is not worthwhile to purchase a refurbished unit that costs more than the base storage model if you do not require a high storage model. You must frequently check or keep an eye out for headlines that indicate when the model you want will be back in stock. But if you will not find your wanted models, like the refurbished iPhone 12 by Apple, on time, you still can buy it from other popular credible retailers like Amazon, Blackmarket, Phone Daddy, etc. 

Final Thoughts

Third-party retailers can offer refurbished or used Apple products at steeper discounts, but only Apple offers a rigorous refurbishment process and inspection.

There’s almost no downside to buying a refurbished Apple product if you’re willing to wait a few months. The quality is excellent, and the cost savings may be worth the wait. But if you cannot wait to buy the best models, like a refurbished iPhone 12 by Apply, you can find them from other retailers.  


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