How Can I Get A Refurbished iPhone X?

Purchasing an old, used, or refurbished iPhone is a great way to score a deal if you’re looking for an iPhone, but your budget only allows for some of Apple’s newest models. Even though this might seem like a risky course of action, several specialized retailers offer warranties and thoroughly inspect all devices before shipping them out.

Since Apple’s iPhone 13 range is now available, you can find fantastic discounts on the recent models, including refurbished iPhone 12 and iPhone 11. 

Here, we’ll examine every aspect of buying a refurbished iPhone, including the iPhone X, whether it’s SIM-free or on a contract.

Where To Purchase A Refurbished iPhone?

Apple sells iPhones in its own Certified Refurbished Store in the UK, as it does in the US Refurbished Store.

Aside from the lower price, one of the main reasons to buy from the Apple Refurbished Store is that the devices all come with the same one-year limited warranty as the brand-new versions. It’s also worth noting that any parts used in the refurbishment will be genuine Apple parts, and all devices will come with brand-new batteries. The standard discount on the Apple Refurbished Store is 15%.

However, other places sell refurbished iPhones; numerous companies make a living by refurbishing and selling iPhones. Among our top choices are the following:

  1. BestBuy 

Simply put, Best Buy is one of the most dependable sources for open-box, unlocked, and used iPhones has always been Best Buy. Therefore, you should always check it out, especially if you want to get a great smartphone at a considerable discount.

This well-known retailer offers products from several other manufacturers in addition to iPhones. Not only that. Additionally, it offers a limited 90-day warranty on products, which makes them quite dependable.

  1. Decluttr 

Decluttr is a popular destination for refurbished devices, with frequent sales slashing even more money off the price. You can also trade your old technology, gadgets, and media (including books and CDs) for more significant discounts.

  1. Amazon Renewed Store 

While you can’t sell on Amazon Renewed unless you’re a business, those looking to buy a refurbished iPhone on Amazon Renewed have many options. Its most significant advantage is that Amazon’s standard return policy covers all purchases. Its “Renewed Guarantee” allows you to get a refund or replacement within one year of receiving your product.

  1. Swappa 

Swappa is one of the top competitors on the market primarily because of its sizable selection of refurbished and used devices. Besides providing substantial product discounts, it also gives customers the protection they require. Since PayPal is used for every purchase, you have an additional fraud-prevention measure.

  1. Phone Daddy  

Phone Daddy is a direct-to-consumer company based in the United States that offers fair rates on new and used phones. It cuts out the middleman entirely, passing the savings on to you, the client. Professionals from Phone Daddy check and restore each product, which you can find here. That means there will be no surprises with Phone Daddy products because they have all been tested, graded, and certified before they reach your hands. Phone Daddy’s mission is to bridge the gap between trustworthy advanced technology and typical clients. It prioritizes trust and consumer demand for new products to benefit the environment and consumers.

Look at its refurbished iPhone 12 deals. 

Should You Buy A Refurbished iPhone? 

There is no reason to be concerned about purchasing a refurbished device, even if you are worried that doing so will be like purchasing a used iPhone. Keep in mind that refurbished and second-hand are different. Refurbished iPhones are previously owned but have undergone a complete wipe, test, and repair to function flawlessly.

For several reasons, Apple received returns on the iPhones it sells in its Certified Refurbished store.

  • According to Apple’s refund and exchange policy, the previous owner had a 14-day window to return the phone unused.
  • The iPhone could be used as a test model.
  • A problem could have caused the iPhone to be sent back to Apple.

You might be concerned about the latter point, but you can be sure that Apple will have found and fixed any flaws before reselling it.

According to Apple, reconditioned products go through “full functional testing, genuine Apple part replacements (if necessary),” “a thorough cleaning,” and other procedures.

The advantages of purchasing a refurbished iPhone are numerous:

  • A one-year warranty will be provided.
  • Ninety days of tech support are provided.
  • There are no shipping fees and free returns because you purchase directly from Apple.
  • You can also use Apple’s 14-day return policy if you change your mind.

What Does The Refurbished Grade A Mean?

When you shop for refurbished items, grade scores of A, B, or C may be displayed; these represent the phone’s condition. Is it damaged? Is there damage to it? Or does it appear flawless and spotless? You can get a general idea from the grade.

Since a third party doesn’t establish these grades, they can vary from retailer to retailer, hence the term “general.” The typical breakdown of grades is as follows:

  • Grade A – Appears to be brand-new or shows very little wear.
  • Grade B – Possible light wear and minor scratches.
  • Grade C – Appearance of use and clear signs of wear.

Although Grade A refurbished products will cost more than Grade C, the price will still be considerably less than that of a brand-new product.


It’s crucial to focus on the warranty because the quality of refurbished iPhone devices can vary from retailer to retailer. How far back does the phone cover go? If you experience problems after your purchase, the seller will provide assistance or no-cost repairs. Most merchants usually provide up to a year. Therefore, if you want to buy a refurbished iPhone 12, it is crucial to ask for a warranty. 


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