How Many Years Will The iPhone XS Max Last?

The iPhone XS Max is still an excellent option because it is reasonably priced, even though the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max have now replaced this model and the iPhone XS. Along with the iPhone XS and iPhone XR, the iPhone XS Max made its debut in the fall of 2018. It’s a premium package that looks and feels great in hand, and it’s fluid, fast, and effortless. It is also significantly less expensive than the 11 Pro Max.

The length of using a new or used iPhone XS Max depends on users and how they treat devices. However, two main reasons also can impact the number of years the iPhone XS Max lasts. These are the phone’s battery life and update support. This article walks you through the iPhone XS Max battery life and how long the Apple update can support it. 

iPhone XS Max Battery Life 

The iPhone XS Max has a few advantages over earlier iPhone models regarding battery life, which has long been a contentious issue for iPhones. The A12 Bionic chip, which is newer and more energy-efficient and is also found in the iPhone XS and iPhone XR, should be able to squeeze out more life from every mAh in the battery.

The power pack itself is the second component. According to reports, it has a capacity of 3,174mAh, which is higher than the 2,691mAh battery found inside the iPhone 8 Plus and the largest battery Apple has ever included in a phone.

According to Apple, the iPhone XS Max battery has a 90-minute longer battery life than the iPhone X. The iPhone XS Max can run for a day on a single charge with moderate to heavy usage, but it’s unclear how Apple arrived at that figure. The phone was depleted of power for testing at around 7 am, plugged in just before midnight with only a tiny percentage of its charge remaining and low power mode activated.

The typical usage pattern included a few hours of gaming, a few hours of streaming music and podcasts, a mix of social media, email, web browsing, messaging, and call activity, as well as a few random snaps. A connected Apple Watch 3 was also present throughout the review period. The battery will be battered more if you push the device with an intensive app like PUBG, but it won’t be a significant drain.

However, after using the iPhone XS Max as a hotspot for a few hours, it eventually died at around 7 o’clock, so if you depend on your phone to connect your other devices to the internet, you should always carry a charger.

With moderate usage, this phone won’t last you two days, but if you use it less frequently, it might. On lighter days, we could go to bed with at least 30% of the battery.

But if you’re generally a lighter user, you might want to wait for the iPhone XR, which still has a large screen but is less expensive and might be better suited to your usage style.

The iPhone XS Max’s battery should allow you to perform these demanding tasks all day long while streaming video and playing games. Apple claims that the three phones in the iPhone 11 range have better lives.

Although fast-charging blocks that let you change your iPhone in half the time must be purchased separately and were rumored to be included in the box with the new iPhone XS, wireless charging is convenient if you have charging pads. 

iPhone XS Max Apple Support 

Most Apple iPhone models typically receive 6–8 years of iOS updates, which is significantly longer than anything offered by competitors in the Android market. However, due to the large number of iPhones currently in use, including both new models like the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 and more vintage models like the iPhone 8 and iPhone 6s. In general, it can be challenging to understand how long your specific iPhone will receive updates for iOS.

Naturally, older models eventually become obsolete. The iOS updates from Apple get bigger with each new version. New features put new demands on the internal parts of your iPhone. When an iPhone reaches a certain age, iOS can no longer be adequately supported. At this point, assistance ends.

Apple’s iPhone 11, X, or iPhone 13 come with at least six years of iOS updates. This represents the average; however, it may change depending on the features Apple includes in iOS. However, if you’re using a device like a new or refurbished iPhone 12, you’ll probably continue to receive iOS updates until at least iOS 20 and possibly iOS 21.

Because the iPhone XR and iPhone XS are relatively recent models that debuted in 2018, you will receive many years’ worth of iOS updates from Apple. If you’re looking for a less expensive iPhone that is still very functional in 2021, the iPhone XR and iPhone XS are great options because they will probably receive iOS support until at least 2025. You will receive iOS updates for years to come if you purchase a new or refurbished iPhone 12. You may get six or seven years’ worth, which would take you as late as 2027 or 2028.


The number of times users keep a new or used iPhone XS Max depends on how they treat their devices. However, the iPhone XS Max’s lifespan can also be affected by two main factors: battery life and Apple’s update support. This article explains the battery life of the iPhone XS Max and how long future Apple updates will support it to see how long the iPhone XS Max lasts. 


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