Which Is Better Quality, iPhone XS Max Or iPhone 11 Pro?

To close all price and feature entry points an upgrader could want in one fell swoop, Apple released three iPhones simultaneously: the 11, Pro, and Max. We are more interested in what the XS and Max descendants, now known as “Pro,” have to offer compared to their successors, even though the XR was the most popular iPhone for about a year after its release.

Since the only real design change is the significant camera upgrade, the 2019 iPhones are a big deal. However, if you already own an OLED model from 2018, several other minor improvements are worth exploring in more detail. 

This article will compare iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone XS Max to help you choose the right phone. 

iPhone 11 Pro VS. iPhone XS Max Design And Display

The Mate 20 Pro already had a massive 4100 mAh battery and still maintained a symmetrical square camera area. The top corner positioning may free up more space for a battery underneath. One thing that comes to mind is that the “tock” design of the 2019 iPhones will largely remain the same.

It may not have been feasible for Apple’s bottom line to rework the internals further in an “s” year for aesthetics, so the camera bump was expanded to accommodate the extra wide-angle lens. The camera kit needed to go somewhere new but going down the vertical axis would have required a lot of rearranging of the inner components, so a crude but eye-catching elevation may have been preferable for the design department.

The camera area expansion is the only visual difference between the iPhone XS/Max and the 11 Pro. 

iPhone 11 Pro VS. iPhone XS Max Specs, Memory, And Battery 

There are many more differences in speed, battery life, and waterproofing. The transition from the Apple A12 Bionic to the new A13 chipset, produced with TSMC’s most cutting-edge second-generation 7nm process, is, unsurprisingly, the most significant change. As you can see in the comparison below, it adds 30% more transistors to the 11 Pro and Max, which significantly improves the phones’ computational photography and machine learning capabilities. However, it only slightly improves synthetic benchmark performance.

Sadly, the iPhone 11 series don’t start with 128GB of memory as had been rumored, and 64GB is no longer useful, but they have much larger batteries for the 11 Pro Max’s record-breaking battery life. This is a general improvement, except for the two-year-old design introduced with the iPhone X, which must be put up with at least once more. Here are all the variations in a light table arrangement.

  Specs : 

  •   Screen

iPhone XS Max:   6.5-inch OLED

iPhone 11 Pro:     5.8-inch OLED 

  •   Biometrics 

iPhone XS Max:    Face ID

iPhone 11 Pro:     Faster Face ID

  • Processor 

iPhone XS Max:    Apple A12 Bionic

iPhone 11 Pro:      Apple A13 Bionic

  •  RAM

iPhone XS Max:  4GB

iPhone 11 Pro:     4GB

  • Storage

iPhone XS Max:  64GB/ 256GB/ 512GB

iPhone 11 Pro:   64GB/ 256GB/ 512GB

  • Battery

iPhone XS Max:  3179 mAh

iPhone 11 Pro:    3190 mAh

  • Charging 

iPhone XS Max:  5W charger in the box. Wireless charging support. 

iPhone 11 Pro:  Fast 18W charger in the box. Wireless charging support

  •   Water resistance 

iPhone XS Max:  Up to 2m for 30 minutes

iPhone 11 Pro:  Up to 4m for 30 minutes 

  • Colors 

iPhone XS Max:  Gold, Space Gray, Silver

iPhone 11 Pro:  Gold, Space Gray, Silver, Midnight Green 

iPhone 11 Pro VS. iPhone XS Max Camera Features 

The new iPhone 11 Pro and its larger sibling receive an ultra-wide-angle lens addition to complement the primary sensor and the telephoto camera compared to the iPhone XS and XS Max. The fact that all three sensors are 12MP unquestionably aids Apple’s efforts to combine three fantastic sensor/lens combinations into one superb image using cutting-edge computational photography and machine learning algorithms made possible by the blazing A13.

Apple can also offer real-time video cropping, background switching, and effect addition on the new 11 Pro and Max, thanks to the unmatched raw processing power. The cameras on the Pro and Max simultaneously gather light data in their respective sensors in various ways, which Apple merges in real-time so that each camera fills in for the other two in restricted areas.

The outcome? Better night shots, high-quality zoom, portrait shots, or wide-angle pictures without the usual perspective distortion around the edges. We can’t wait to compare the computational photography of the Pixel 4 to Apple’s new photographic powerhouses, especially since Google, this time around, has added a telephoto lens for better zoom and portrait shots.

iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone XS Max Price 

The iPhone 11 Pro launches at $999. If you choose the 512GB version of the beefed-up Pro Max, it can cost up to $1449, but Apple has reduced the price of the XR by a dollar and a half, allowing you to save some money if you’re looking for something less expensive. Or you can buy a used iPhone XS at an even lower price and save money.

Reasons To Consider The Apple iPhone XS Max or iPhone 11 Pro

One of the best reasons to consider the iPhone XS Max is its 0.7-inch larger screen size. However, there are many reasons to consider iPhone 11 Pro, including the following:

  • Demonstrates a 20% increase in battery life (30:23 vs. 25:24 hours)
  • Compliant with the most recent Wi-Fi 6 wireless networks
  • AnTuTu Benchmark performance improved by 17%. (634K versus 542K)
  • Peak brightness is 21% higher (797 against 661 nits)
  • It has a camera lens with an ultra-wide angle.
  • The phone is one year older.
  • The front-facing camera can capture 4K video.

Final Thoughts  

The 6.5-inch Apple iPhone XS Max, released on September 12, 2018, and the 12-month-old Apple iPhone 11 Pro, powered by the Apple A13 Bionic, were put side by side in this comparison. You can find reviews, detailed specifications, and reasons to consider each device on this page. If a brand-new iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone XS is expensive for you, a used iPhone is an excellent option for you. For example, buying a used iPhone XS instead of a new one saves money. 

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