How Much Does It Cost To Have An iPhone Unlocked? 

When you buy a new or used iPhone, you may believe you can use it whenever you want. Right? Not really. Some carriers have placed a “lock” on your iPhone to restrict your activity to their network only. Even if you switch carriers, the lock may still be present. As a result, you must unlock your device from specific carriers. Therefore, checking if the iPhone is unlocked before buying it is essential. You can buy an unlocked phone, for example, an unlocked iPhone 12 Pro Max, and avoid paying extra to unlock it. 

How much does it cost to unlock an iPhone, though? Do you have any suggestions? If not, carefully read this post before making any decisions.

What Is the Process of Carrier Phone Locking?

To attract as many customers as possible, most carriers will use a variety of enticing customer baits, such as a phone price discount, monthly installments, purchase plans, and upgrade options. Furthermore, your service provider may lock your iPhone to its network only to prevent you from quickly switching to another carrier without its permission. Instead of taking out the SIM card, you must contact your carrier’s customer service or enter an unlock code if you want to use another carrier. Furthermore, carriers will limit network bands to avoid compatibility with other networks. As a result, removing the carrier lock incorrectly will lock your SIM card and brick your phone.

A bricked phone will be added to the carrier’s blacklist and prevent you from using any services. Fortunately, the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act require cell phone carriers to unlock eligible phones for free. However, eligibility requirements differ between providers.

How Much Does It Cost for Carriers to Unlock an iPhone?

Carriers have made unlocking phones fair since the Unlocking Consumer Choice, and Wireless Competition Act was passed in 2014. When you sell your iPhone online these days, your unlocked device is worth more than one locked to a carrier. As a result, there is no universal cost to unlocking an iPhone.

The IMEI is your iPhone’s unique identification number, and many service providers will ask for it to verify your eligibility. The IMEI number can be found on the iPhone box or the device’s back. You can also check it in the Settings app > About phone or by dialing *#06# from the dial panel.

The following are eligibilities for most carriers:

  1. AT&T Unlocking iPhone Cost 

Unlocking an iPhone from AT&T is free, but you must meet the following criteria:

  • Your iPhone has not been lost, stolen, or used fraudulently.
  • You have paid off all your debts.
  • Your device is not linked to another AT&T account.

Aside from that, 

  • Deployed military personnel can unlock their iPhones without waiting for the plan to expire, but they must continue to pay the bill.
  • When other earlier requested devices are unlocked, devices with a two-year business contract must wait for 30 days.
  • Before being unlocked, a device with an installation fee or term agreement must be used for at least 60 days. You must also complete the contract or pay off the plan.
  1. Price of iPhone Unlocking on Verizon

If there are no fraud, loss, or stolen issues, the newly purchased iPhone on Verizon will be automatically unlocked after 60 days of continuous use. Additionally, the military personnel who have been deployed cannot wait for the 60-day period to end. However, if you must contact them immediately, their number is 800-922-0204. Requesting unlocking is free of charge.

  1. Sprint Unlocking iPhone Cost 

Even though Sprint USB recently merged with T-Mobile, the unlocking request is free. 

However, older Sprint phones must meet the following requirements:

  • Sprint has had the iPhone activated for at least 40 days.
  • You have completed the service, installation, or lease payments.
  • Leased devices have finished their lease payments.
  • The account associated with your iPhone is active.
  • The device has not been reported stolen, lost, hacked, or flagged.
  1. T-Mobile Unlocking iPhone Cost

T-Mobile provides several unlocking options, including support for some more recent Sprint phones. 

The following criteria must be met to be eligible:

  • All payment plans must be finished.
  • Your iPhone’s IMEI is not blocked, reported as stolen, lost, or used fraudulently.
  • Your iPhone’s linked account is in good standing.
  • At least 40 days have passed since the device was first activated on T-Mobile. 

The prepaid devices must have been active on T-Mobile for at least a year. Alternatively, your account has $100 in post-purchase refills for each active line. Contact T-Mobile Customer Support if you want to unlock a device for military personnel or as a replacement.

What Does It Cost to Unlock an iPhone Using a Third-Party Program?

Before using any third-party programs, contact your carrier to free unlock your device. If you need a third-party app, try phone Unlock (iOS) to quickly remove Apple ID, screen lock, iCloud activation lock, Apple ID, and MDM. These apps are recommended because they are efficient and easy to use.

When compared to spending $1,000 on a brand-new iPhone, most third-party businesses in the market charge about $30 to unlock an iPhone. For example, five mobile devices and one PC cost $49.95 annually with Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock (iOS).

For unlocking an iPhone that doesn’t meet the eligibility of the various carriers, CellUnlocker offers the following prices: 

  • AT&T: $90
  • T-Mobile: $139
  • Verizon: $30
  • Sprint: $139

The cost of unlocking an AT&T-locked phone is generally less than that of the other three major carriers. Additionally, prices vary for international unlocks. You may need to check the services guaranteed for device unlocking in these areas.


As you can see, carriers provide the best method for unlocking a clean iPhone. As a result, it is recommended that you contact your carrier first before unlocking your iPhone. Therefore, buying your iPhone from a credible location like Daddy, which offers unlocked phones such as unlocked iPhone 12 Pro Max, is essential.  

However, suppose your carrier does not allow you to unlock your iPhone. In that case, you can use a reputable third-party unlock service, such as Phone Unlock, to get it unlocked (iOS). Although most third-party unlockers charge a premium, they provide hope during despair. It is preferable not to bring your locked iPhone to a small tech shop. If you must, check their credentials and communicate with them before visiting them.


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