Do Refurbished iPhones By Apple Last Long?

For some, “refurbished” refers to used equipment cleaned up and sold at a reduced price. There is occasionally concern about inheriting aesthetic or even functional harm.

In refurbished iPhones, Apple replaces practically everything, including the rear glass, screen, metal frame, and battery. The logic board comprises the CPU and other components that make the phone operate, and the camera module is the only pre-owned original part in refurbished iPhones.

Essentially, when you use an Apple refurbished iPhone, everything you touch is brand new. In this article, we share how long lasts a refurbished iPhone received from Apple and in which condition. 

How Does Apple Refurbish iPhones?

Here’s how Apple restores iPhones: 

  • Any broken parts are replaced with authentic Apple replacement parts.
  • Replace both the battery and the outer shell with new ones.
  • Check that it works and functions like a brand-new iPhone.
  • Format the hard drive and reinstall the operating system.
  • It should be thoroughly cleaned.
  • Then repack it with its new accessories in a “simple white box.” 

That white box is another method for a shopper to tell it’s an Apple Certified Refurbished iPhone rather than a brand new one. The original components are the logic board inside, which houses the CPU and other gear, and the camera module. All the accessories, including the charger, charging cord, and wired EarPods, are new. Moreover, buying a refurbished iPhone will still receive Apple stickers.

Apple provides a new 1-year guarantee and an AppleCare plan for a certified refurbished iPhone. Apple often offers certified refurbished iPhones at a significant discount, sometimes up to 15% off the original price. 

Before buying any refurbished product from Apple, it is helpful to do your research about Apple refurbished products to decide on buying them or not. 

What’s a 3rd Party refurbished iPhone?

However, Apple is not the only company that refurbishes iPhones. Other firms also renew and restore iPhones. Most offer their refurbished phones for far less than Apple’s Certified Refurbished iPhones. Consider Amazon’s Amazon Renewed iPhone program. Amazon’s refurbished iPhones are incredibly affordable. Amazon often characterizes iPhones as follows:

  • The product functions properly and appears to be brand new. Amazon Renewed Guaranteed for 90 days.
  • Apple has not approved this used item, but it has been properly examined, tested, and cleaned by Amazon-qualified vendors.
  • There will be no noticeable visual flaws when held at arm’s length.
  • This product’s battery will have more than 80% capacity compared to the new one.
  • The accessories will not be authentic, but they will be compatible and functioning. The product may arrive in a generic box.
  • If dissatisfied with this product, you may return it for a replacement or refund within 90 days of receiving it.

Even if their phones are in decent shape, there are several reasons why you should avoid purchasing third-party refurbished iPhones.

Why Might Third-Party Refurbished iPhones be Harmful to You?

It is possible that they did not replace the battery with a new one. As a result, you would get an iPhone with a low maximum battery capacity (between 85 and 95%). 

Most warranties are only valid for a few months, which would be the refurbishers warranty rather than an Apple warranty. As a result, you will be unable to obtain AppleCare coverage for a refurbished iPhone from a third party.

When a 3rd Party refurbished iPhone is offered, the component number will still begin with an “M.” Unlike Apple, third-party refurbishers are not permitted to change an iPhone’s component number, which begins with an “F.” As a result, it is possible to purchase a previously refurbished iPhone whose component number begins with an M, N, or P.

Do Refurbished iPhones by Apple Last Long?

The iPhones that Apple refurbishes and sells last a long time because Apple replaces any worn parts. Regardless of the state of the present battery, they all have brand-new batteries installed, and they appear like brand-new phones.

Apart from the brown cardboard box they arrive in, there is no way to know they are not brand-new phones. 

The refurbished iPhone by Apple is all backed by an Apple warranty. 

Final Thoughts 

Refurbished iPhones received by Apple last long because they are in good condition and even look like brand-new phones. However, except for Apple, there are other credible websites like Phone Daddy where you can find refurbished iPhones; for example, a refurbished iPhone 12 is available at $490. 


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