What Is A Good Source To Buy Refurbished iPhones And Tablets?

Apple’s phone, tablet, and laptop lineup is fantastic but pricey. The good news is that you can purchase an almost-new iPhone, iPad, or MacBook for a significant reduction in the price of a new device.

Several merchants specialize in repairing and reselling Apple goods at reasonable costs. If you reside in the United States, we’ve compiled a list of the finest locations to locate and purchase refurbished iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks.

This article introduces several best places to buy refurbished iPhones and tablets: 

  1. Apple Store 

Apple may be the greatest location to buy a refurbished iPhone, iPad, or MacBook. This is one of the few sites where you can acquire a refurbished Apple gadget. The Apple Watch, Mac Mini, and large desktop Macs are all included.

They are (obviously) specialists in product repair. They exclusively utilize authentic components and provide almost the same warranty and after-sales assistance as a new device.

The most significant disadvantage of purchasing reconditioned devices from Apple is that the reductions aren’t as substantial as other choices. However, you may exchange your old Apple items for store credit, further sweetening the offer.

A fantastic deal would be an unlocked iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB. It costs roughly $300 cheaper than a new model and includes a fresh battery and exterior casing.

  1. Amazon 

Amazon provides a specific category of products called “renewed,” which includes pre-owned, refurbished, and open-box items.

Amazon works with third-party refurbishers who meet their standards. These items must retain at least 80% of their battery capacity or 90% in the case of “Renewed Premium” items. Renewed electronics must also be free of noticeable flaws when held 12 inches or more away from the eye. If you purchase an iPhone from the Amazon Renewed Store, you should be informed that the original waterproof rating, if any, is not guaranteed.

All reissued items, except Amazon’s gadgets, are protected by a specific limited warranty. Unfortunately, the typical warranty is just 90 days. If you purchase a “renewed premium” product, you will instead receive a one-year warranty. Aside from theft, unintentional damage, and tampering, Amazon forgives with returns, and you’ll probably receive a refund if something goes wrong.

  1. Best Buys 

Best Buy is one of the largest stores in the United States, but most of its customers are probably unaware that it sells both new and refurbished gadgets. GeekSquad certifies its refurbished computer items, which have been returned to a “like-new” state, according to Best Buy.

The warranty for these goods varies by model, so read the conditions carefully. Their reconditioned items have the same return and exchange policies as new products.

  1. OWC’s Macsales.com

Other World Computing is a specialized refurbisher and one of the most well-known reconditioned Macs retailer. Their specialists are Apple Certified and can even make bespoke upgrades on Macs to obtain something better than new in terms of performance or SSD capacity.

Check the warranty for each model, but the Apple factory refurbished PCs we looked at on the OWC website, for example, came with a one-year limited guarantee from the date of purchase. A 14-day money-back guarantee is also included, as long as the seal (if applicable) is not damaged. Otherwise, a 15% restocking charge applies.

OWC also offers an extended warranty option called OWC Eclipse, which gives you a bit extra piece of mind for an additional charge.

  1. Mac of All Trade

Mac of All Trades has been another specialized Apple device refurbisher in business for over 25 years. They restore their equipment with experienced technicians, provide free delivery inside the contiguous United States, and provide a free hardware guarantee.

The product variety is dizzying, and the turnover rate appears to be very rapid, so if you don’t find what you’re looking for, keep checking back. Their refurbished items come with a one-year guarantee, but you may upgrade to a two-year “Platinum Coverage” option for an extra fee.

We appreciate how Mac of All Trades allows you to rapidly add accessories and other optional extras directly on the product page, so you know exactly how much it will cost to get everything you need.

  1. Phone Daddy 

Phone Daddy is a direct-to-consumer company based in the United States that offers fair rates on the new and refurbished phone. An excellent deal would be a refurbished iPhone 11. It costs cheaper than a new model and includes a fresh battery and exterior casing. 

Phone Daddy cuts out the middleman entirely, passing the savings on to you, the client. Professionals from Phone Daddy check and restore each product, which you can find here. That means there will be no surprises with Phone Daddy products because they have all been tested, graded, and certified before they reach your hands. Phone Daddy’s mission is to bridge the gap between trustworthy advanced technology and typical clients. It prioritizes trust and consumer demand for new products to benefit the environment and consumers.

  1.  Decluttr 

Decluttr is an online general used goods marketplace where you can sell or purchase used items. They provide a certified reconditioned electronics area, including iPhones, MacBooks, iMacs, iPads, and even iPods.

A one-year limited guarantee covers these reconditioned items against technical flaws and poor quality. There’s also a 14-day “no questions asked” return policy in case you’re disappointed with your purchase.

It’s a good thing Decluttr discloses the entire range of tests they perform on their goods, such as this exhaustive iPhone testing list.

They also utilize PhoneCheck to determine the health of an iPhone’s battery and replace failed batteries.


These websites can help you save time and money while looking for a refurbished phone. You may save a lot of money if you research and choose the right purchase platform, including the locations mentioned in this article. You might also contact your cell phone carrier and inquire whether they have any refurbished phones available, including a refurbished iPhone 11


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