Where To Buy A Used Cell Phone? 

A beautiful new iPhone is difficult to resist until you consider the price. However, purchasing a used iPhone or Android phone might help you save money.

For example, a used iPhone 11 with 64GB capacity sells for less than the retail price of a new iPhone 11 (minus a trade-in) on Phone Daddy, an online seller of used phones. 

The first step in purchasing a used iPhone is locating a reputable website, which may be difficult. Scams abound on Facebook Marketplace, and it can be challenging to determine whether new online shops are legitimate. Then, once you’ve decided on a site and begun looking for phones, it’s critical to ask the correct questions before pressing the “Buy” button.

Where to Purchase a Used iPhone

Look for a store that has a return policy and stands behind the phones it sells. When buying a phone online, seller ratings and thorough descriptions are beneficial, as is the option to ask the vendor questions.

Here are a few reputable sources to buy an old cell phone:

  1. eBay

If you spend a lot of time online, you’re familiar with eBay: the place to purchase everything, especially cell phones. Sellers can submit images and provide extensive details about the Phone’s condition. Before purchasing, buyers may look at seller ratings and contact them with inquiries. And, thanks to eBay’s money-back guarantee, you may return the Phone for a full refund if it isn’t precisely as described by the seller.

  1. Amazon

Popular used and refurbished phone models may be purchased and sent through Amazon or a third-party vendor. Buyers, like eBay, may browse seller ratings and product reviews to help them make a purchasing choice. In addition, “Amazon Renewed” phones come with a 90-day guarantee for further peace of mind. Other phone warranties differ depending on the seller.

  1. Swappa

You buy directly from sellers through Swappa’s straightforward process. The site reviews listings to ensure the device serial number is clean (read: not stolen) and requires sellers to upload photos of the Phone, powered on, next to a custom listing code to ensure they have the device. Swappa uses PayPal for all payments to leverage its proven buyer protections.

  1. Gazelle

Gazelle sells the Phone straight to you. Customers benefit from a diverse range of phones from a single vendor. Gazelle inspects all certified pre-owned electronics for complete performance and offers a 30-day return policy on all transactions.

  1. Phone Daddy 

Phone Daddy is a direct-to-consumer company based in the United States that offers fair rates on new and used phones. It cuts out the middleman entirely, passing the savings on to you, the client. Professionals from Phone Daddy check and restore each product, which you can find here. That means there will be no surprises with Phone Daddy products because they have all been tested, graded, and certified before they reach your hands. Phone Daddy’s mission is to bridge the gap between trustworthy advanced technology and typical clients. It prioritizes trust and consumer demand for new products to benefit the environment and consumers.

  1. SellCell 

Do you want to compare all of the sellers in one place? SellCell compares websites such as Amazon, DeCluttr, Gazelle, and others. SellCell is most known for selling your phones, but you also can buy new and used phones on the website. In addition, SellCell gives each seller a Trust Pilot or Better Business Bureau evaluation. They also provide funding.

  1. OCBuyBack

OCBuyBack has an excellent reputation for customer service. However, you may not discover the extensive selection of used cell phones available on other sites. On OCBuyBack, you may discover both Apple and Android phones for sale. Some phones are locked, while others are unlocked. All phones purchased from OCBuyBack have a 6-month warranty. Warranties cover product flaws or malfunctions that occur independently of your use. Full details on the guarantees may be found on the OCBuyBack website. As long as the Phone is not damaged, OCBuyBack offers a 30-day return period. Compared to other sites, the pricing for old phones on OCBuyBack is in the middle.

  1. Decluttr

Decluttr’s used phone selection is significantly less expensive than what you’d pay for a new phone. However, the prices you pay on Decluttr are slightly more than the rates provided by eBay or Amazon for old phones. However, Decluttr provides free tracking delivery on all technologies and 14-day returns. You will also receive assured, refurbished products and a 12-month limited warranty on technology.

  1. BuyBack World

BuyBack World sells both Apple and Android phones. The Phone’s condition is stated on the website as Average, Good, or Excellent. Phones are thoroughly tested and verified, and function information is supplied with each listing. Some phones are unlocked while others are locked. On Certified, Pre-owned gadgets, BuyBack World provides a 30-day, no-questions-asked return guarantee. If you buy a new, sealed, and unopened phone, you will be charged a 15% restocking fee. 

  1. Your Wireless Provider

Pre-owned price varies according to current deals from your supplier. However, purchasing through a carrier ensures that the Phone will connect to and be compatible with the network. You also know it isn’t stolen and usually comes with a limited warranty. This transaction may be less stressful than purchasing a used iPhone from a site where users may sell their items without monitoring, such as Facebook or Craigslist.

Final Thoughts 

These websites can help you save time and money while looking for a used phone. You may save a lot of money if you research and choose the right purchase platform, including the websites mentioned in this article. You might also contact your cell phone carrier and inquire whether they have any used phones available.


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