What Websites Are Best For Selling Used Cell Phones?

For several reasons, selling your used phone might be a terrific option. Not only will you benefit financially, but the environment will also benefit. Additionally, you’re supporting the circular economy by allowing someone else to purchase the technology you no longer require.

However, where should your smartphone be sold? Many choices are available, but don’t look for them yourself—we’ve already done the legwork. The top locations to sell your smartphone and receive bank cash are listed below: 

  1. SellCell

You should check pricing from various buyback suppliers to obtain the greatest deal for your smartphone. SellCell can offer you the best price when selling your smartphone because it is a comparison service with access to over 45 reliable suppliers.

Go to SellCell.com, enter your phone’s make and model, and you’ll have a list of offers for your device dropped into your inbox. So that you can see the best price for your handset right away, SellCell will present your bids in ascending order from highest to lowest. Additionally, you can view the trust ratings of each seller next to each pricing.

Whether you sell your iPhone or your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, you can be sure that you’re making the most money possible thanks to SellCell’s best price guarantee. SeCell is the top choice because there are so many reliable buyback suppliers to select from. 

  1. Decluttr 

Decluttr will buy your smartphone as well as a variety of other electronics. You may even get rid of old CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, and books if you have any lying around doing nothing. Decluttr also provides a corporate recycling program, allowing businesses to unload obsolete technology in bulk while making room for new office equipment.

You may sell Decluttr phones from various manufacturers, including Samsung, Google, iPhone, and OnePlus. Find your phone’s make and model, and then arrange for it to be sent to Decluttr. Cash can be in your bank account in as little as two business days.

  1. GadgetPickUp

With a five-star trust rating from Trustpilot and Google and Better Business Bureau certification, GadgetPickUp is an excellent choice if you’re concerned about a vendor’s service reliability. GadgetPickUp takes up a wide range of technology, including cellphones, Go-Pro cameras, gaming consoles, and iPods.

Fill out the form, receive your estimate, mail your package, and you’ll be paid. Nothing could be fairer than that.

  1. BuyBackBoss 

BuyBackBoss is not just a great pick because of its positive reviews on various consumer review sites; it also buys faulty devices. So, you know that broken Google Pixel you’re not using? You may sell it and make some money in the process.

BuyBackBoss doesn’t only take damaged electronics; they also accept functional smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, laptops, and even gift cards! Depending on what you sell, processing takes 5-7 working days, and you can get paid by PayPal or a paper cheque in the mail.

  1. Gadget Gone 

GadgetGone will likely buy your used phone, tablet, gaming console, or wristwatch. If Samsung makes it, you may sell your phone with GadgetGone, Google, OnePlus, Motorola, LG, or Apple.

You may confidently sell your phone to GadgetGone because it is a Better Business Bureau-recognized business with high trust ratings. Request a price, send your gadget with the free shipping label, and wait for the payment to be posted to your account. With the help of GadgetGone’s service, you can get a postal check, an Amazon e-gift card, or PayPal money.

  1. OCBuyBack

OCBuyBack is a user-friendly direct-buy marketplace that pays the top price for used phones while removing the risk of peer-to-peer transactions.

Look up your device in the OCBuyBack database, respond to a few straightforward questions on its specifications, and either mail it free of charge or take it to an available OCBuyBack drop-off place nearby. You may sell as many phones as you like with OCBuyBack. iPhones, Samsung cellphones, and iPads are all accepted via OCBuyBack. You must seek elsewhere if you own any other kind of gadget.

The offers made by OCBuyBack are subject to a careful review to verify the validity of the data you’ve given. Following a review of your equipment, OCBuyBack sends you a cheque or PayPal reimbursement.

  1. Swappa 

Peer-to-peer marketplace Swappa claims that it pays out more than well-known direct-buyer websites like Gazelle. The hitch is that vendors must make their listings, which necessitates adding appealing product descriptions and images.

Swappa charges a 3% commission on sales; however, listing an item is free. Swappa takes $15 off the $500 you list an item for before giving you the remaining $495.

A brief scan of Swappa ads revealed that the asking price for an iPhone 12 in decent condition started at roughly $530. Even if Swappa’s marketplace fees slightly reduced the earnings, it is still better than most other resale platforms.

  1. Amazon 

Another excellent choice is Amazon. Many people are unaware of how simple it is to advertise and sell valued used things on Amazon because professional sellers dominate the site. Arguably, listing on Amazon is simpler than listing on eBay.

But pricing is complicated. You will pay a modest “listing” charge and a bigger “referral” fee (between 8% and 15%) when you sell your cell phone on Amazon. If you don’t charge the buyer for shipping, you’ll incur a fee of at least $3. Depending on the ultimate sale price, you should generally anticipate losing at least 10% of your item’s revenue to fees. For further details, view the price schedule on Amazon.


Selling a used phone is a straightforward exercise, and if you have a few boxes of outdated electronics that you no longer use, you should consider pricing it all. You never know that you could generate enough money to buy that high-end smartphone outright.


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