Are You Planning On Buying An iPhone XS?

iPhone XS went on sale in 2018, but it is still a top-notch device, even in 2022. iPhone XS has excellent characteristics like a modern design and a high-resolution OLED screen. Moreover, iPhone XS’s twin rear camera is more than sufficient, and you will continue to get updates for at least three years. 

iPhone XS is a good alternative if you can find one at a reasonable price. However, if the new iPhone XS is expensive, you can buy a used iPhone XS at a lower price and save money. The following are five main factors driving you to buy the iPhone XS in 2022:

1. Screen Quality 

iPhone XS has a 5.8-inch OLED screen with a resolution of 1125×2436, which allows you to take high-resolution pictures with excellent levels of contrast. It also has a True Tone display with 3D Touch, a maximum brightness of 625 cd/m2 (typical), and a fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating. Moreover, the iPhone screen features save the phone’s battery life. 

2. Excellent Camera System

iPhone XS has a great camera system if you don’t worry about having an ultra-wide lens. It has standard and telephoto cameras with good color contrast, dynamic range, and incredible sharpness. Moreover, it offers a night mode feature to take a picture. A pair of 12-megapixel sensors with OIS (optical image stabilization) is at the helm. The primary lens has a focal length of 26mm and an aperture of f/1.8, while the secondary lens has a narrower f/2.4 aperture and a focal length of 52mm, giving the iPhone XS 2x lossless optical zoom. 

The iPhone XS also has Apple’s new Smart HDR technology. When you click the shutter, the phone takes numerous images at various exposures and blends them into a single image, displaying a more extensive dynamic range than prior iPhone cameras. In reality, this means that the phone produces amazing photos in practically any situation, with excellent exposure and dynamic range preserving details in both the brightest and darkest portions of the frame. 

Despite the XS’s photographic capabilities, it’s worth noting that there appears to be more post-processing and automatic editing going on than in previous iPhone images.

3. Convenience

iPhone XS has the perfect and practical iPhone size. It is not too big to struggle to put in your pocket or hold in your hands, but it is also not too small to have difficulty watching videos or reading text. Also, it is not too heavy and convenient to carry. 

4. Phenomenal price

iPhone XS has a phenomenal price. You can find iPhone XS for reasonable prices today. Therefore, iPhone XS is considered one of the most wallet-friendly iPhones. The used iPhone XS is even cheaper, and you can find them in different places like Phone Daddy. 

You must check the battery life of the used iPhone XS before you buy it. It is excellent if the phone’s battery is new and has a maximum capacity, but if it’s a service battery with 60% health, don’t buy it. Therefore, you must know tips for preserving your iPhone’s battery life before you buy one. 

5. Apple’s Ecosystem

The ecosystem is when you own several different Apple products, and they communicate with one another. Examples include airdrop or Bluetooth that are shared with products like AirPods and handoff and allow you to send a tab that is open on your computer or phone to another device and vice versa. You can have a mac or iPad ecosystem, but with iPhone XS, you can get the phone part of the ecosystem, which is even better, and you don’t need to spend new iPhone money on it. The fact that you can get into the Apple ecosystem cheaply is an excellent reason for some to buy an iPhone XS. 

Final Thoughts 

The iPhone XS was released in 2018, yet it remains a top-tier gadget even in 2022. The iPhone XS includes outstanding features such as a contemporary design and a high-resolution OLED screen. Furthermore, the iPhone XS’s dual back camera is more than enough, and you will continue to receive upgrades for at least three years. The iPhone XS is a fantastic option if you can get one at a fair price, like a used iPhone XS.


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