7 Questions To Ask Before Buying A Used Phone

Several varieties of mobile phones are available on the market, each with a unique set of features to fulfill the demands of every mobile user. Most of us are likely to be interested in purchasing a new smartphone. However, these high-priced cell phones are out of our financial range for many of us. There is no reason to be irritated and select some ordinary phones. There is a way to obtain an excellent one at a cheap cost. You may get a used mobile phone for less than one-third or half the price of a brand-new one. 

Though purchasing a used or refurbished mobile phone might save you a lot of money, bear in mind that it can be difficult to locate a decent deal—a well-conditioned phone at a reasonable price. You can make it easier if you follow a suitable procedure. Here are a few crucial questions to ask before you buy a used phone: 

  1. Where Can I Buy a Used Phone?

Purchasing used things, including a used phone, might come with some risk. Your used smartphone might be defective, still under contract (meaning you won’t be able to activate it with your carrier), or even stolen, so shop wisely. You have four basic purchasing alternatives, each with a different amount of danger. Therefore, it is crucial to research the websites, ensure they are credible, and buy used phones. 

Purchasing used phones from a classified ad site like Craigslist involves the most risk. Because you are most likely purchasing from an individual, there are no warranties or return procedures. However, if you’re cautious and avoid potential fraud, this is where you’ll discover the finest prices.

Websites such as eBay, Swappa, Gazelle, Amazon, Phone Daddy, etc., are reliable locations to buy used phones

  1. Can I Use the Phone With My Current Carrier or in My Area?

Different carriers connect to their networks using different technologies: CDMA (Sprint, Verizon) and GSM (AT&T, T-Mobile). Some phones are designed to operate on both networks. However, some aren’t, such as some variants of the new iPhone 7, and you’re forced to choose between the two when you buy.

Going internationally, you should know that GSM is more extensively supported worldwide. When you go to another nation, you may easily insert a local SIM card into your GSM phone to obtain coverage at a reasonable rate.

  1. Is the Phone Unlocked?

Some phones are carrier-locked, which means they cannot be activated with another carrier. This is frequent for phones still under contract or purchased through a carrier. If you aren’t tied to a single carrier, look for an unlocked phone, while you can normally save money by purchasing a phone that is locked to a specific network.

  1. Is the Used Phone Stolen?

If you’re not careful, you can purchase a stolen smartphone at no fault. It may work for a time. However, if it is reported stolen, it will become as useless as a brick. The carriers will ban its serial number, rendering it useless.

Some sales sites, such as Swappa and Gazelle, check the serial number to ensure the phone isn’t stolen before selling it, but if you conduct a deal on Craigslist or eBay, you’re on your own. The simplest method is to obtain the serial number from the seller and then call your carrier to see whether the phone can be activated.

  1. What Is the Condition of the Used Phone?

You could be fine with a few dents and scratches in return for a bargain — after all, you’re going to put a cover on your new smartphone anyhow — but you might not want a phone that exhibits severe indications of wear. While buying a phone in less-than-perfect condition might net you a significant discount, it may also signify damage to the components that will come back to bother you later.

  1. How Much Is a Used Smartphone Worth?

Because there is no MSRP on a used phone, you must research to determine whether you are getting a good deal. The model, carrier, condition, and even color may all have a significant influence on price.

  1. Is It a Good Time to Buy It?

The greater the price, the newer the device – and with freshly released versions, you may not be able to buy used or refurbished. It is beneficial to be informed of the manufacturer’s release timetable, as prices on the previous year’s model frequently drop shortly after the new model’s announcement. However, patience can save you a lot of money; costs should continue to reduce for a few months after a new model is launched.

Final Thoughts 

Purchasing a used phone can help you to save money. However, as we know, all used things, including used phones, might have some defects, which is why you need to check every phone’s features carefully before you buy it. The questions mentioned above are essential to ask before buying any used phones.  


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