The Best Used iPhones To Buy In 2022 

When it comes to purchasing a new iPhone, you don’t have many alternatives. A few current models are available, most likely only one that truly meets your demands and budget. 

However, as you look at the used/refurbished market, you’ll notice that you have many more options. In this article, we will guide you through the top used iPhones in 2022 that will help you to choose once you decide to buy a used iPhone: 

Used iPhone SE

Everyone is familiar with the individual constantly on the move, has a busy schedule, and wants a portable and valuable phone. In our opinion, the iconic iPhone SE is one of the greatest used iPhones for this type of person. The most significant advantages of a used iPhone SE are that one-hand typing is possible, and a headphone jack is available on it. Moreover, It can hardly be destroyed and looks excellent. 

Avoid the 16GB model if you decide to get one. This is a small amount of storage by today’s standards. If you want to keep the phone for at least a year, we advise choosing a 64GB model.

This iPhone includes LTE antennas, just like the most recent models, so you can view movies and play games wherever you are. Also, consider purchasing an unlocked model if you want to travel or switch SIM cards frequently.

  1. Used iPhone 7 and 8 

This used iPhone is for those people who only use their phones when necessary. They presumably don’t view movies or utilize any sophisticated applications, let alone the web. They only desire a straightforward, trustworthy iPhone. If you fall into this group, the used iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 are incredibly comparable, and you’d likely be satisfied with either.

These iPhones have Retina displays, a feature of the iPhone lineup since the iPhone 4. Thus the screens have a beautiful pixel density of 326ppi even though they are older than many of the more recent versions that are now available. You probably don’t understand what this number means, but know that unless you go incredibly near, you can’t see the pixels on this screen. Moreover, these iPhones have an adequate screen and quick performance. 

  1. Used iPhone XS Max

If you are a geek or gamer, you’ll need a strong iPhone with a large screen showing some lovely colors on that screen. I believe a used iPhone XS Max is the solution to your problems. I would also advise acquiring one with bigger memory to have enough room to install a ton of games and other programs (at least 128GB should be fine).

If you anticipate using FaceTime frequently, another fantastic feature of the refurbished iPhone XS Max is its exceptionally great front and back cameras. And if you want to know which iPhones have the greatest cameras, you should know that they’re often the most costly and current models: But don’t hesitate to get an iPhone that is a few years old; Apple is the industry leader in photography, and you won’t be dissatisfied.

  1. Used iPhone XR

You enjoy connecting with others, value relationships, keep up with current events, and mainly use your phone for sitting on social media. Then a used iPhone XR is among the greatest iPhones you can get.  

Make sure you enjoy using Face ID before purchasing one of the full-screen iPhones, such as the XR, XS, 11, etc. In contrast to earlier iPhones, which relied on Touch ID to unlock the phone, they employ the front-facing camera and other complex sensors housed in the recognizable notch. Consequently, you now unlock the phone with your face instead of your fingerprint. It’s loved by some individuals yet despised by others. This modification makes it more difficult to unlock the phone while it’s lying flat (as you must lift it so the phone can see your face) or if you’re wearing a mask (in which case your face is partially concealed).

  1. Used iPhone X

If you are a professional worker, you have many appointments and meetings to attend, and you need a phone that can keep up with your schedule. I recommend the used iPhone X since it’s elegant, fast, and cutting-edge. So, whatever tasks you’re working on, a used iPhone may get the job done while also doing something nice for the environment. 

Final Thought 

Every year, Apple makes incremental improvements to iPhones, so a newer iPhone will always be quicker than an older handset, but this difference may not always be noticeable. Therefore, we offer used iPhones—why spend money on a new iPhone that only has a slight advantage over older models? These are your greatest iPhones if you want to save money. At Phone Daddy, you can find different options for used iPhones


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